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  • Yeah I don't hold grudges. I guess thats obvious from the fact that I even started that thread

    I see debates as smashing two ideas against each other and seeing which one survives. Nothing interests me more than the possibility that I may be wrong about something. After all, thats where the learnings at

    I was simply bored of going round in circles. Whether I actually was right or not, you didn't manage to convince me I was wrong and nothing you posted for quite a while even threatened to dent my opinion. Sorry if that sounds arrogant or dismissive of your opinions. I don't mean it that way

    Up until the keyboard thing I was having one of the most interesting debates I've had on this forum. Thanks and please feel free to try and shred my beliefs in future
    "Mackerel skies and mares tails make tall ships carry low sails". Just a little sailing trivia that I thought you might like. :D
    Hey, Jack, I just want to say that I really enjoyed reading your thread entitled "America's Political Philosophy." I felt like I wanted to interject at several points during the thread, but found that in each instance you had already posted exactly what I was thinking, though probably more eloquently than I could have done. The thing is, most (not all) of the other posters in that thread just did not seem to stay on topic, or to get your arguments. I don't know why this is . . . your posts were very succinct, and a pleasure to read. Kudos!
    sounds like you had a ton of fun! i'm glad to hear it, and especially that you got more time to spend with your cousins and family, wish i could see my family more often ;) what book are you reading? and no, didn't see it just then, saw it a week or so again, but i liked it so much i went back. i want to get it on dvd when it comes out :)
    hello Jack :) inception was great =D everyone i've talked to who has seen it loves it, it's by far the best movie seen recently ^^ how has your day been?
    Just summer homework and projects catching up to me..school is starting soon..lots of mood issues and family issues..

    but hanging in there :)
    Glad to see you are having a nice breakfast :) and nope I like it!!

    I been very busy..sort of stressed..but ok :)
    oh wow that sounds wonderful, i'm glad you had fun and got to spend time with your family :) as for me, nothing much has been happening, just in school and studying a lot. on the weekend i'll probably go see inception with my bf and a few friends, which should be fun :) have you seen any good movies lately?
    I missed your birthday?! Ugh! I am so sorry. :( I hope that it was a great one! <3

    Also, I LOVE your new avatar. :m032:
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