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  • I havn't done any long rides yet (only a beginner) and I'm still yet to find a club. I have a pretty basic bike, a Suzuki GN250E.
    Racing? Not at this stage. I'm nowhere near confident enough.
    How am I doing today?

    Well, I'm a bit sore from Boxing and I mangaed to get most of my chores done for the day. Last weekend I went out around on my motorcycle which was fun.
    I had a look, It reminds me of how I use to draw as a kid. :m081:

    The skill to getting better at anything are the three P's - Patience, Persistence and Perseverance. If you want to get better there are plenty of great tutorials on Deviantart.com and Youtube.com, showing your art work (no matter how embarrassed you might be) is a great way to get better.

    Keep at it. :m177:
    Yes. Preemptively failed writing is a common feat. Blaaaah.

    Hrm, fave book series? I don't know if you can call Arthur Nersesian's novels a series, but I really like his writing style. Anne Rice's (multiple series) really got my creative engine running in high school. I don't know if I've really latched onto a series teat in many years though.

    Poetry. A short story or two. And a novel if I can quit procrastinating.

    My book preferences are for 19th century classics (Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, Bronte etc.) & contemporary fiction , non-fiction (memoirs, auto-biographies The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius etc.), pyschology, and political commentary. There's more, but why bore?

    What about you?
    Lately? Foruming and DVRed episodes of Criminal Minds.

    Ideally? My writing and prolific book consumption. You?
    One of my brothers is an ENTP. He's mischievous, argumentative, and loving... among other things. My views of individual types are as complicated as my views of individuals, but they deserve my troubled considerations and my time is the most valuable thing I can give them.

    Perhaps your Facebook friend should be flattered at your devilish attentions! I probably associate the term 'amusingly scandalous' with the ENTP-folk more than I should.
    9w1 ENTP eh? That could explain your presence here. INFJs and their INFP comrades are HSPs + Ultra. You're aiming for martyrdom and we all know there's nothing selfless about that. :w:

    You ARE an ENTP!

    But seriously... Why the rib shenanigans? Boredom? Flexing your mental muscle? What?
    So what's your Enneagram? I can't make out your ENTPness at all. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong closet.
    sounds good either way...
    Hi Jack. :) Not much, just running around cleaning trying to decide what I want to make for dinner, and as always lurking the forums. :) What's up with you?
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