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  • Gawd...Im about as subtle as a bull in a china shop arnt i...

    Im not good...today... Feeling off. A little down...meh...
    I do that shiz too. All the time. That's what happens when Ni+Fe is driving and Ti+Se is stuck in the caboose.
    See caboose below:
    Your honesty would be noble if it weren't strategic. Your attempts at disarmament are scandalous, heathen.

    Oh, but facetious admissions and subtle ribbing imply intimacy. Yay to internet friendship!
    Hrmm. Well, I'm sure the variety is welcome here.

    You may resume your sultanic proclivities Khosrau!
    Haha, I'd expect no less from your ilk. :tongue: My Spanish is questionable at best as well, but I ought to know more.
    So... seriously, why this forum? Is the preponderance of Ni+Fe here acting as a siren call and you simply can't help yourself?

    Or is it a legitimate effort at personal growth?
    Indulge me and I may not attempt to thwart your shenanigans.
    I know the occasional French phrase having been to France, but I'm no native speaker.
    Su habla espanol?
    If you're really an ENTP, all this INFJ vintage must be a heady swig.

    Hello nonetheless. (You alcoholic, you.)
    There is more to the story, and there is romance. Lost love, grueling battles, gory scenes and visions. It is the tale of a lost monarch who never knew who she was. She must work with the first of her kind she has ever met to regain the throne before her race dies out completely. I have researched so deeply into the histories of these people and all the traditional Fae concepts are present. Iron allergy, the host, shape changing, tall, ethereal, glowing...all the concepts attributed to the Tuatha de...
    I have not read that series but on my list to read...I will add it to my good reads list so I wont forget lol! I have been recommended that series SO many times!

    Your book sounds very interesting too!!! You definitely should finish it! I also have other books in the work...two half finished and a bunch of short stories to get out an idea I had.
    I do not have my book posted on the forum anywhere, but I did share the first four chapters and the prologue with the writers group we have here. Its currently on hiatus, but will be back soon. I have my personal biography short posted in articles...but thats a lamentable tale...I don't recommend it because it is not very good...But I suppose you would get an idea of my writing style...*shrug*
    Thx for the friend request, but I'm not accepting any right now. But feel free to PM or post visitor messages. Later. :)
    what else would an INFJ write about...Its all Fantasy :D Its a fictional representation about ancient Irish myths...So yes Fairies...but not all wings and cuteness...More specifically its about The Tuatha De Dannan. A people who lived on Ireland and conquered much of the world. Its set in a fictional version of 16th century Ireland. It follows a lost lonely girl who doesn't quite belong. (I know SO infj right?) She learns she is really of another race and blah blah blah...it sounds so typical when I describe it that way.

    anyway, i have had it read by several people and can say that it is quite unique. but meh...I suck at boasting my own shit...

    Anyway what is your book about? I hope you get to go back to it soon! I love writing!
    I also hope you can get that paper done...
    Easter was fine...busy as usual.

    Thats good to hear!

    Not much as of yet, but I plan to spend a great deal of my day writing. I have been very lax on it lately, and I need to get working on a query letter so I can get this damned book published finally...then I hope to write a few thousand words in one of my other unfinished books.
    I will also be boiling and coloring some eggs for my belated easter egg hunt...

    thats my day, interesting? maybe not...but its mine :D

    how about you?
    Hi. Have you tried inserting a signature now that your post count is up?
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