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What Do You Play/Sing


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Apr 17, 2009
So I know there are a lot of musicians on the forum. I was just wondering what everyone plays, or does musically. It could be you're a fantastic singer, or even dancer. Just wondering what medium you use to express yourself or are gifted in that has to do with music.

Pics, videos, and recordings more than welcome!

As for me, I sing a little, and am just now (like a week in) learning to play the keyboard, but I could not imagine my life without music in it.

Also if you don't play, sing , or dance perhaps there is something you've always wanted to do , but haven't gotten around to it. What would you do if you could?
I play banjo! Oh, my love. :m015:
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I play banjo! Oh, my love. :m015:

You do?!! That is amazing. What a great instrument to play! I would love to hear you do that sometime.

I am considering starting a tinychat for musicians, singers, and music lovers to jam and discuss their favorite stuff. I would LOVE to hear you play banjo. I'll keep you posted if I start the chat. :)
I don't play anything but I'd like to someday.

I want to learn to play the hammered dulcimer. I feel like with pratice I would get good, and would really enjoy it. The intrsument would just "fit" me as well. My mom and others have pointed out that they could very easily see me playing this kind of instrument:


If and when I have time once I am in graduate school (although this is wishful thinking), I want to get one and begin to learn. Could be a wonder stress releiver.
I am a singer, opera mostly. I am what they consider I full lyric soprano though I willl possibly develop into a Spinto, which would be wonderful.

Now I shall be a show off:

Recording from a competition I won in 2007:
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A2rHnzN_UY"]YouTube- Fair Robin, I Love from Tartuffe[/ame]

A duet I did with my vocal coach:
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOmfp2NggUk"]YouTube- Wanting You from The New Moon[/ame]

And the most recent video I have (From a recital last year):
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtQ-DS41JTY"]YouTube- Porgi, Amor[/ame]
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Nice videos DD!

I've played a lot of things but the main ones I typically deal with on a day to day basis (or bi weekly) is Bass and tenor trombone, Tuba, Viola, Bass guitar, and acoustic guitar.

The type of music I play ranges from Jazz and pop tunes to concert band repertoire and concert band versions of orchestral songs. I also play video game music and solo parts for my various instruments.
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I am a singer, opera mostly. I am what they consider I full lyric soprano though I willl possibly develop into a Spinto, which would be wonderful.

Now I shall be a show off:

Recording from a competition I won in 2007:
YouTube- Fair Robin, I Love from Tartuffe

A duet I did with my vocal coach:
YouTube- Wanting You from The New Moon

And the most recent video I have (From a recital last year):
YouTube- Porgi, Amor

Holy crap do you have some serious talent! Wow. I also would have never predicted that your singing voice would have been like that.
I sing what you tell me to sing, 'neecey. :)
I play guitar and sing. I like to play citizen cope and collective soul I can play a bunch of songs if I got to practicing again lol. I mostly like to write and play my own music. I usually just jam alone in the dark listening to my own inspiration...
I went to college for music, so I learned to play pretty much everything to a passable degree. My main that I concentrate on are vocals (alto), any of the clarinets, piano, and french horn. My favorite instrument ever? The contra bass clarinet. To me it looks like a mad man got a hold of a clarinet....
I'm a passable shower singer, and I play flute, saxophone and a selection of other, less technical wind instruments (penny whistle, pan pipes etc). I'm hopefully getting a ukelele for my birthday, and supposedly any idiot can play one, so I'm going to test that theory. :lol:
I play the guitar (electric and acoustic but I still prefer my acoustic) and I sing. though the latters usually only when I'm alone and if I have headphones on 'cos I cant really sing without hearing the song for some reason haha
i play any thing i can get my hands on
i love all instruments

someday i'll be like this
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnMXzCGNPSo"]YouTube- Amazing mouth harp guy[/ame]
I sort of play bass guitar. I don't have much time though :( At least I learnt 'Just Like Heaven' by the Cure :)
I play piano and this is my youtube site:

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Csn7PMMEOfg&feature=channel"]YouTube- Pride and Prejudice: Dawn[/ame]

i can almost play Pirates of the Carrebean but not without faults :shocked: so no video of that yet :D
Sad excuse of pianist and guitarist. Hahaha. And singing (ACAPELLA <3). My band past consists of the french horn and cornet.

Am thinking of taking up the violin after I'm done with piano! :D
I play piano and drums.

I personally like to play metal, death and doom in particular when I'm drumming.
Iv'e been drumming for about 17 odd years now.

For piano I like to play classical, but my favorite are game and movie scores.

I like to play piano along with my younger INFP sister, who plays the cello.
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I play piano in the worship band in my church. But I like to play all sorts of music on the piano. Classical stuff like Debussy and Rachmaninov, movie stuff music, and recently i started being very fascinated by soft jazzy bossa nova.

Playing in the middle of the night with no lights on and just letting the fingers run and do the improvising is awesome. Doesn't always sound the best thou :)
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Over the years I have learned

Some drums
programing synths and patches/ sequencing

This guy deserves an award though, he has many other videos as well: