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  • I actually remember reading the original article on this that the author mentioned many years back. I have known of all these innerconnections within BoC for a while now. :)
    It had a very lucid atmosphere. Amazing one I must say. I'm not too familiar with his other work unfortunately. Are you a fan? ^^
    haaaaa that musta been pretty intense. M83 is a band I need to get into but haven't managed to yet (although I do have everything they've ever done, ever...). Summer was Franz Ferdinand, MGMT, and Animal Collective's "Merriweather Post Pavilion". faaaaaaaantastic.

    I feel like there's some really deep abstract connection between the idea of time and the idea of music...
    Merry Christmas to you too!!

    My playlist this winter is mostly Bon Iver, with a little bit of Fleet Foxes. I love how music becomes stitched into memories - there's a particular mix that is undeniably last January, and Sigur Ros's album Gobbledigook is last spring.
    Ha, that is so cool! It sounds like something I would say or think. Gardening the human heart...hmmmm, methinks I smell a poem here. Thanks for the thoughts! I'm sure you will like it here. See you on the forum.
    I thank you! Really beautiful music. I haven't experienced something similar since I found Air. This made me very happy and complete today.
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