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  • I found it at my library! Thanks so much for the suggestion. "Expect art not a documentary" the IMDB leading review says. Combined with your recommendation, that sounds very good to me. :) I'll check back in with you once I've had a chance to view it. I'll look after asking this, but are your monks posted here?
    I hope your break was restorative and you're happy to be back! Um...it's now been some time since I listened. I have it on hold at the library and I recall having a positive experience of what I listened to, but I guess I also have to acknowledge that I haven't been seeking it out since the original listen...so, I guess it must not have blown me away. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Have you done any more of that Shearwater art?
    So, have you listened to anything from Golden Archipelago yet? Thoughts? I just noted it's release and thought of you. I'm listening to Meridian as I type. :)
    Now happy post-New Year! Yeah, songs and albums seem to be one of the few things I am certain of in memories. I had an M83 summmer (I am assuming you know them), oh boy, think of that personal drama. I get burned CD's all the time from my friends, though it may be a while till that right time comes to play it. Memories and music seem to be almost the same thing sometimes. Gives you an interesting sense of time.
    Merry Chistmas! I love Bon Iver. That music is stitched into my memory of last year's winter. Still enjoy him.
    Exactly. Beirut and Of Montreal fall into that way out there category. Not that I have a problem with that, but sometimes I want them to reign it in a bit. That's what Fanfarlo is, and it's amazing. Thank you again!
    Yeah I am very impressed. Fanfarlo reminds me a little bit of Beirut, but I think I may like them better.
    I have to thank you for your top albums list! I am now in love with Fanfarlo and The Tallest Man on Earth. Thank you!
    Yep, Snow Leopard is a winner for me too. So is Leviathan, Bound, but of the three it's actually probably third.

    Thanks for the confirmation on Mr. Hopkins. I'll add him to my list of things to check out. Today has been an artistic avalanche for me and I'm happy to buried. :)
    I actually own the album, bought because of my deep enjoyment of Rook. Yes, so many of the songs contain the same beauty. I can't deny Rook remains my favorite though.

    I'll be looking up more Mary Oliver for certain based on that poem and your recommendation. Is the Hopkins you're thinking of Gerard Manley Hopkins? I did a search for poet Hopkins and that's what came up. Well, when you recall, please send that along too.

    Off to look at your artwork!
    I know of M83, but I never got into them really. They arent really my style. I like things that are intrinsicly electronic, :) By no means are they bad though.
    I heard the song Rook for the first time on a local radio station a year or so ago. I had one of those mesmerized "can't speak and break the moment" kind of experiences. It still creates that in me.

    I read your profile to see if you had any of your artwork there. While meandering through the pages, I was struck by the Mary Oliver poem there (among other of your expressions) as well.

    I'm glad a similar musical taste was cause to meet. :)
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