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What are the main differences between your inner and outer self?


Sep 5, 2009
What are the main differences between your inner and outer self?
outer self seems much more easy going and put together

inner self is much less guarded and is a whole strew of things that even I have a hard time sorting out.
I very rarely look nervous while I'm boiling under stress on the inside. A very few people can tell by my looks if I'm under stress or nervous about something.
My jokes seem funny inside my head.
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What are the main differences between your inner and outer self?
Sometimes people tell me I look calm and detached when I'm actually feeling nervous and high-strung.
More or less the same inside and out.

If I feel nervous, I look nervous.
If I feel apathetic, I act apathetic.
If I look weird, it's because I am weird.

I think I'm actually so uncomplicated it throws people off. But then again, perhaps I am the one being fooled.

What's confusing is that I don't know how I am, and am constantly changing to figure it out.
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I am confident on the outside although I am harsher toward myself on the inside.
I am more detached on the outside although I am excited or interested on the inside.
I am more affable on the outside although I am not able to stand you or want to listen to you at that moment in time.
I will go all out and admit... I am more genial on the outside. I seem to care about all the little mundanities that people want you to listen about. Yet my inner self knows that I don't really care and am just listening to make people feel comfortable. The things are really care about are weightier, they run deeper and I feel them right to the core. My definition of "closeness" is far far more complex than my outer self would have people believe.
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I apparently look super outgoing, confident, extroverted, not able to be serious, Wuzzah Wuzaah :mhula: on the outside.
But in the boring reality I'm just another boring person that's not that much extraverted, not really confident, shy, but I really am Wuzzah Wuzzah :mhula: =D
Inside, I am loud, funny, violent*, self critical and smart.
Outside, I am relatively quiet, my jokes don't make sense, I act all calm and collected, and I don't show off my smarts.

As a singer, I also get the urge to sometimes just start singing quite loud, but I imagine that would earn me a couple strange looks. Instead, I just have a song playing on my "mental jukebox." It doesn't work so well. Usually, the records are broken and just repeat...

Inside, I'm a princess, or an explorer, or something. I haven't lost my "pretending" imagination in my head.

*I've never really hit or punched anyone at all outside of my mind. :p I just imagine what, if I wouldn't get in trouble and I was actually tough, I would do. I talk big in my head. :D
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On the outside, once I get to know the group I actually become quite the extrovert, but on the inside I hate every second of it. It's this dichotomy that is tearing me apart. I legitmately care about people, and I want to be able to want to be around them, but I just can't stand being around other people. I guess because I feel like I can never be myself, ever. Which I'm guessing stems from my childhood. But seriously, I see the potentialbility (fake word, real happening.) and possiblilty of all these people, and none of them live up to potential and it makes me rage when I see that. But seriously, and I mean no offence to my friends, but I could honestly go my whole life and never see another person again save one or four people and I'd be just gravy.


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Outwardly I'm very defensive when I think I'd really like to be known better.
My inner self is much more complex than my outer self. A lot happens on the inside, to give the outer self the push to keep going.

My inner self is a lot more rich, deep, and raw than my outer self, because it's well protected.

My inner self is much more realistic (skirting on the cynical side even) than the outer self. The outer self is more cheerful and optimistic.

Both the outer and inner selves are real and authentic, which renders the whole self contradictory but somewhat flexible.
My inner self is much less composed and collected, and is nowhere near as confident as my outer self.