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  • Just want to point out, it's amazing how much you lurk. ;)

    P.S. "young man, just remember that slicing a gram, is a bloody game like throwing mice in a fan, my words flow like the rivers that's west of Iran"
    Happy Anniversary.
    I was snooping around your profile and noticed you joined INFJ forums 3 year ago. Consider this your official party and I'll be your emcee this evening
    Heh, I think you got it pretty right, couldn't translate it any better myself! I am Russian, so I just got very excited seeing someone on the forums with some knowledge of my mother tongue :p
    By toska do you mean sorrow, the Russian word "тоска"? Just curious..
    Hiya toska. Hope life is treating you kindly, and that your dream to become a pharmacist is progressing :)
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