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Say Something No One Has Ever Said Before

I was wrong.
...and you were right.

(Crucial, because otherwise it could be continued: "I was wrong: you are far stupider than I had initially estimated.")
Ah, very true. Good catch.
It isn't that I don't like you, it's just that when you are around I can only get joy in static reception.

as my niece would say, "i rike it. i rike it a rot"


Xanthe x-rayed xanthic xemes.
You could put that to music and I bet William S Burroughs has already done it.
talking never stopped a steam engine from running off to join a circus
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cashew corresponded woodenly with ink, accountable to no one, in a field of healthy cosmetics.
When the rose meets the peacock precisely at midnight at the tavern on the cliffs, the end of the world will be nigh.
My iguana is teaching penguins to fly, I'm worried he is using the money for drugs.
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Why in the world is my lightbulb's professor, an emu, wearing a chartreuse jacket? That color is soooo out on emus!
Give me all your spoons, and I promise to stop hiding dirty socks in your lunchbox.
she blinked while applying pink ink to a jogger in the fog, and dropped her corndog (which began to sink in the pond). and from that day the two formed an breakable bond.

(i'm all hepped up on chemo drugs so saying something unusual is kind of easy!) :m166x:
I walked vertically to the top of the horizon.
The field in the forest is unsure tonight.
Could you please point me in the twit direction so I can eat a piece of wood with the rest of the chairs. You're welcome, don't come again and have a terrible day.