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  • Hi Holden,
    Years ago you took a personality test from a personal page I was developing. Back then it was a rough concept and the page was not near finished. I wasn't even aware or meant for people to visit, until I found this forum thread.

    I finally got time to revisit and re-post it. I would love for you to check it out and give me any feed back.
    Awesome! That might seem obvious but I didnt have a clue, I tried clicking on that a couple of times but never figured that I could use that hotlink, I thought it was the subheadings which were the only accessible ones. Cheers.
    I only know the song from the ad for a war video game for x box, apparently its not their best but I like the lyrics, its about someone going to war and hoping that the bible they have is blessed, well not entirely but anyway :D
    i bet you wear that crazy hunting hat with the old peak of it pulled around to the front.
    Nice post for the E's of the world. I'm not usually one for going against ones nature. But I get sick of seeing how you can be more E when your an I and your just find. I honestly wouldn't have a problem with E's if they just respected that being an I is healithy and just fine. And to please stop treating me like a antisocail problem case. And for the love of god stop disrespecting my person space and boundaries . I wish people would stop doing that.
    They are so expensive. I dont care what kind of "technology" it has. I just want it to move some air!
    I"m doing ok. But i'm bored out of my mind. I have no money so being out of school is pretty boring. If I had money I would be set.lol
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