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  • “You don’t offend me. At least not until I change my name. Once I change it to Asshole then I might be offended you keep calling me Jarod.â€
    ~ Jarod Kintz
    Well I’ve known him for some time and we have talked about such things before.
    This is one of the fundamental differences between you and me in how we interact with people.
    Well, then explain…it was a bizarre question at a touchy OP or so it seemed? Otherwise it was what?
    You're really excellent at projecting. Again, sorry I hurt your feelings enough to throw you entirely off the original topic.
    So did you intend to address the lack of dichotomy between individualism and socialism or are you just going to continue being upset.
    I'm sorry that I've so grievously offended you that you can't see the argument I made in the previous message. Count to ten and read it again.
    Well then you meant to write shit that makes no sense, as individualism is not a philosophy of economics or even politics as socialism is. The two aren't really comparable.
    No one was quibbling about god until you expanded on eventhorizon's post.
    He was brittle stage. Spent many nights on his sofa checking his blood sugar and adjusting his diet at 3 AM. His daughter talked him into having his second leg removed. He was too weak for that at the time, I think. They gave him the wrong meds after surgery, which is what actually killed him. Woman was standing in for the surgeon and did not even look into his books.
    Watch that diet, and keep a good attitude: it helps to fight it.
    I know, right? I am new to learning about INFJ's and being an introvert. It has been delightful reading others experiences here and finding myself agreeing with others perspectives. I just picked up "the introvert's way" and am excited to put in with this book. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Cheers! N
    I caught the joke Lark, sometimes it's hard to tell online though, without the non verbal. Eventually when I move to my cabin and renovate- I am going to have a library sitting room. Fireplace, cozy chairs, lotsa places to nestle in quietly and breathe in that wonderful book scent. Oh and read as well... :)
    Hi there Lark. To answer your question, yes... I am happy for you. However what I really was attempting to say was I adore books, and being surrounded by them. I am blessed to have lots as well, and can relate to your gratitude post. Smile....
    All I could think of was my dad asking "so how do you win? You don't win? What?"
    No that is Adrian Paul. The highlander :). Doing well. Checking this place out. There are some nice features implemented. I don't know why but one of my posts is in a moderation queue. Why would that be? Also, I tried to change my username using that automated thing and it took my money but never brought me to somewhere I could change my name.
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