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  • Hi Ecton! I'm not sure if you remember me from a few months back---we talked a bit about INTP-INFJ relationships cause I was going through a hard time with my "SO". You were so much help and I'm kind of going through a difficult time again. I think from now on it's going to, unfortunately, be psychological warfare and I want to know what the hell he's thinking before I get hurt. So if you don't mind helping me out again, may I PM you? If you have any things you're struggling with, I'd love to help too!
    Was contemplating starting a thread, "what gift are you looking most forward to your child opening." Then it occurred to me most of the people online don't have young children, so I chickened out. What kind of cool things is Santa bringing your children.
    Hi, I was reading your blog the other day and was quite moved. Is your son better now?
    Ecton--Sometimes I get caught up in a detail I read, having a difficult time with the bigger picture. Thanks for the clarification :)
    Thanks for the rep comment, it really does help. I feel like i'm the most unrelatable person sometimes, even by infj standards.
    What would be your epitaph?You won't find one. When I'm dead I am going back to the earth, not leaving some memorial to myself.

    I like that.
    ---Personally, I have no problem opening myself up to people, and I'm not impressed by people who can't handle transparency. But if this kind of thing bothers you, you can always commit yourself to reserving these kind of open discussions for when a relationship gets off the ground. When you find the right person, you will have that same conversation and it will go incredibly well AND you will get the next date, too. ---

    Quite agree.
    You are right. I just dont feel the need to tell a person anything about myself unless they ask. Mostly because if you want to find out about me, watch me. Secondly I dont find myself that interesting since I am around myself 100% of the time.
    Thanks. I'm always interested in the routes people take to get where they are.
    How did you end up in the gaming industry? Do you have a degree in engineering? Did you have to move? Did you know people?
    I will look into haring more of myself then. I didnt realize I shut myself off from others.
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