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  • Yeah, Gaslight Anthem is pretty good. I've seen them a few times, but it's been years so I had kinda forgotten about them. Your post reminded me.
    Now you've got someone bending over in a garden, :) ever more interesting!

    Oh I have fallen of several times, but just once at high speeds. Also when getting onto a horse sometimes they move round and round in circles if they sense the person trying to get on is not very professional. So I have been going round and round for aaaags before, with one foot in the stirrups. Not a very gainly looking sight!

    Manywhere hahah I like that word, looks like you've coined it's first useage! I might use it from now on too :p
    Hope your weekend is good too; when are you off to Milan?

    See you laters, sack of potaters (sort of rhymes :p)
    It did indeed, to a fat man, though not as ugly a one as you once had as your avatar.

    Well yes, I first rode when I was about 4 or it could have been more like 5, and apparently I had good natural balance on a horse, but the Dutch teacher shouted his approval so it made me think I was in trouble, and I thus didn't do it again for years :D

    Falling off is an issue, I fell off once in a forest at high speeds and went in front of the horses galloping legs, but it missed me luckily :) I think horses try to avoid you if they can.

    I associate Dubai with rich, money grabbing fakes and self-important 'pious' sheikhs. The whole thing seems like a temporary economic bubble built on extravagance and nothing else, and will thus soon burst! But I wouldn't turn down a free ticket :) Might be interesting to see.

    Of all the Arab countries I'd quite like to see Oman maybe and drive around Syria since it's quite close.
    Well, when you have a time limit you try to get the most out of wherever you are! i never saw much of England when I lived there, or did anything that exciting. I first rode when I was about 4, but I cried cause the teacher was pretty forceful, so I next rode properly at about 17 :D I haven't been riding for a while now, but I enjoy it! You do or have done it at all?

    Ruskea on tosi hyv
    I volunteered at 2 horse farms, well the farm in Rovaniemi only had one horse but it was still great. It was all early mornings and hard physical work and fresh air all day, but damn I enjoyed my food and sleep so much more! A great bit was catching reindeer at 4 in the morning! I spent a couple of days of course looking round Rovaniemi and Tampere too, but cause I went by myself I didn't get to see many places. I more sort of blended in and I think people thought I was a local cause I just sat on a bench in Rovaniemi by the river for a few hours people watching :)

    I really loved it though and would love to go back! I actually did go in the summer, June, so in Lapland there were 24 hrs of sun, which I didn't actually mind so much. I want to experience a winter :p

    I'm half Turkish too, so now you know another one hehe. Turki-ye is 'Turkey', maybe that's what you heard? That certainly would be a win-win situation :D I would love to travel again soon, but I am sort of constantly infected by wanderlust hehe. Have you travelled at all or got some places you really want to see?
    Yes! I've often thought that, how differently you'd hear your own language if it was foreign. I find that sometimes if you find words that are not that common, and say them quite fast together in a sentence it can sound like your own language but you find it hard to understand - maybe something similar to how a foriegner hears it :)
    I guess finnish isn't exactly a popular choice, true, but I visited it for 1 month in 2008, so I have a reason. Tampere ja Rovaniemi, rakastan molemmat!
    Well, this is the heaviest rain for years and whilst it does rain at this time of year, flooding is not normal, no. The summer is too hot for me though!
    I want to visit Finland again before I die, so we have something in common there :)
    Hope you slept well ja Hyv
    Kiitos! I'm trying to learn Finnish, and yeah, there seems to be a lot of prejudice against it! I don't know why, it sounds nice to me. But it is pretty unrelated to most other languages.. I saw it was like -20 in some parts of Finland, painful! Here actually we've had so much rain and flooding, but in 2 months or so it's gonna start heating up. I hope one day you get to visit Turkey :)
    I was about to comment on your nice avatar of the beast being lifted up by balloons, but you've just gone and changed it :)
    Yeah, I've been addicted since my registration in june and it's been a huge find. I've had my ups and downs with it though- going on and off it but it's the people who make it and the people are awesome.

    Haha, considering it's YOUR username, you're not very helpful! Okay well I'll continue to sound like a retard by pronouncing it .... ""? Sdragwah. Sdragwah it is. I hope you can live with that.
    Lol, okay then. Of course I don't mind, I started it!

    Hi, my name is Yield, apparently I'm this rare creature called an... infj? Yeah, what the hell is that about? I can't remember how I got into the mini conversation and I'm embarrassed to say I haven't got much to say now that I'm here. I usually have some kind of witty comment but I'm all out. Been on here for too long today.

    I've tried about 27 times now... but I can't pronounce your user name. How do you pronounce it?
    Yeah I know, but I will apologize for the crap attempt at starting a conversation. Apparently, we're pretty renowned for that!
    I'm sorry, I have this thing about empty visitor messages on peoples profiles. I just had to put a message in there!
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