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Post your random acts of kindness!


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Dec 23, 2008
Today I returned a purse to its owner. Other people were driving around it, but I don't think any INFJ could ignore a lost valuable without feeling guilty.

Post your random acts!
I stopped to help an old lady separate a shopping cart from the rest of the row.

I think that made up for the time when I rushed to reach the shortest checkout line ahead of another old lady. :whistle:
I usually pick up department store clothing from the floor and return them to their hangers. I tend to straighten up clothing stores as I walk around (sad, because I don't do that at home...).
I haven't been very kind lately

But well, I gave some hobos a bit of cash. But I don't consider that very nice, they are going to spend it on heroin.
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There was a blind woman that came onto my bus a while back on the way home from college one day, so I helped her get a seat by giving up my own and telling her when to get off.
I absentmindedly unhooked a girl's bag strap that had gotten caught on a clothes rack in a shop. She looked surprised XD
I got forced into an act of kindness by this lady randomly running up to me and attaching a blind woman to my arm, telling me to take her across the road =.=" Would've been better if she hadn't then rushed off in the opposite direction.
I wish I could more anonymously do nice things. I feel really weird showing people how nice I can be. I have a hard time coping myself even.
the other day, i helped a kid reach an :mlove2:ice cream from a chest freezer
I didn't smash a guy in the face with my pint glass when he called me a faggot. That was awesomely kind.
WoW... Shai Gar when I saw that you started this post I was... like... SHOCKED... But this one time I left a big tip for a lady working on her birthday... She was sick too... Thats about it...
In the checkout line a bunch of young kids had some candy and chips, but they did not have enough money for the bottle of lemonade, they were 30 cents short and really really disappointed. So I went "I'll take that" and gave the 30 cents so they could have that.

They were all yay about it, and the cash register lady looked at me seemingly wondering if I was a pedophile or something.

Well no, I gave those disappointed kids an unexpected good experience and showed them theres kind people in the world too. Happy & amazed kids & feeling good about myself vs my 30 cents of awkwardly small change? Good deal.
A couple of months ago I had a foreign student ask me for directions. He was totally lost and close to tears. I tried to tell him where to go, but he barely spoke English and he didn't seem to understand at all. So I took him there myself. I missed my own class, but yeah.. I couldn't leave him there.

Oh and just recently I returned a wallet to the owner.
Other than opening and holding doors for people (does that count?) I invited my friend over and gave him some emotional support since he needed it (usually it's the opposite).
I went to a fast food joint to buy some sammiches, and as I walked across the parking lot there was a huge, chubby, caterpillar. He was probably an inch in diameter and a good three inches long. He was bright green and had fuzziness on him. I tried to pick him up, but he rolled away and gave me the heeby-jeebies. I bought my sammiches, but kept thinking about how he was inching his way across concrete toward the highway. I suspected he was heading towards his doom. He seriously creeped me out, but I found him again, scooped him up on some paper and had to push him a little with my finger. He had bristly prickers on his fat, green body. The hair stood up on the back of my neck as I ran across the parking lot and flung him into a ditch filled with trees and vegetation. I suspect he will become a giant, beautiful moth.

He looked a little bit like this.
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I was the receiver of a RAK today...

I was at the grocery store buying my weight in frozen pot pies and Michalenias meals, (There are 4 adults and three children living here that's what the adults take to work for lunches. And its about two weeks worth.) I start to walk out of the isle when a lady stops me and says "I have a coupon I am not going to use, its three dollars off any frozen foods when you spend $15. I am not going to be able to use it, but it looks like you can." I said thank you and checked out!

There's something about remembering and posting one's "random" acts of kindness that makes them somewhat less random and kind. Not that I want to discourage kind acts. Please continue.
Reading this post I am compelled to

a) Rip the lollipop off a smiling kid's hands.
b) spray mace into the eyes of a kind elderly women (while she crosses the street).

Feel the burn of a thousand souls granny, you earned it!

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It's nice to hear about random acts of kindness, whether given or received. It's uplifting and makes me want to be kinder.
I told a father that I sensed something was bothering his son and he should consider spending some one on one time with him. The father argued with me and said one on one was not necessary. I pushed the issue. Eventually the father listened and did what I suggested. The child feels better. The father feels better. I feel better that the child was helped.
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