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  • The Two Gentlemen of Verona
    William Shakespeare Julia - Proteus' beloved, and mistress to the servant Lucetta.

    Desiring to travel to Milan to visit Proteus, Julia disguises herself as a high-class male page in order to avoid lecherous advances along the journey.

    Calling herself Sebastian, she does Proteus' bidding, delivering the ring she had earlier given him to his new beloved, Silvia.
    Thank you very much Julia. Hope they resolve it soon. Honestly, I am kind of in the dark in regards to it.
    It's so good to see you're still here. Also, I think it's really cool that your join date is the same as my birthday.

    :) I hope you're doing well.
    Thanks Helpful Elf. I am trying to apply for jobs and am distracted from being creative by that. :(

    Thanks for the compliment enfp can be shy. It was a pic of me and I decided I didn't want to lose my anonymity potentially.

    Also thank you, midnight melody.
    I liked your previous avatar. Whoever it was. I should have saved it. It was one of my fav pictures to see around the forum.
    I need to find something to rep your for, but that's difficult because I enjoy reading all of your well-formulated posts.
    hi julia. i just saw in the stargazers thread that you lived in wyoming. where did you live if you dont mind me asking? im from ohio but i was stationed in cheyenne and lived there for almost 4 years(99-03). i used to hike and fly fish alot around fox creek, west of laramie. did a bunch of hiking at vedauwoo. i absolutely loved it out there. the only thing i dont miss is the friggin wind.

    You clearly put a lot of thought into each of your posts. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated that.
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