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  • Hey there! I supposed this s a long shot, but I found a post of yours on having ADD and was wondering if you had a bit to talk? If you ever find this, I'd love it if you could hit me up for a few minutes. Thanks :)
    Hey Chopsifer, thanks for the rep! You are the second person to rep me for that post, I don't what it was that I said in it, that people liked but...thanks!
    That's sweet of you. I'm sure they will be delighted by your visit. :) I'm good thank you. Blessed by sunshine and the raucous laughter of the shopworkers below my flat. ;)
    Thanks for the rep. Yep. It's definitely bleak stuff, and to me-- sort of de-humanizing way of approaching problems. But a fascinating book.
    I assume you've at least played Sim City 2000? This assumption is based on the reticulation of splines. :)
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