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Sep 22, 2009
So, I am interested to hear what maturity means to you. I don't want you to go research maturity or anything, I just want your initial impression of what it is. Also, please feel free to post any experiences or examples you have witnessed!

Please, discuss!
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Maturity = knowing the appropriate course of action to take in any given situation, and being willing to take responsibility for your actions. Maturity comes through experience.
Interesting. Like many things it is somewhat subjective. My defenition would included the following traits: honesty, responsibility and commitment, empathy, an ability to control your emotions, and a healty dose of self confidence. There are a few more I could add, but these are the big ones in my mind. You can have these mixed in varing degrees, I believe, and still be "mature"--that has to do with individuality. But you still need all these traits to be a fully "mature" person IMO.
People, cheese, wine and whiskey all get better with age. The flavours develop, become more distinctive, but subtly so, and tastier too.
I've no idea, so it probably doesn't exist.
Hard to put into words.
Speaking for myself, I feel my maturing at this point in time, has made me a more focused, reasoned individual. More comfortable in my skin.

Not as spontaneous. I can't help but think of how my actions today will effect tomorrow. I do wish I could flip a switch and throw reason to the wind as easily as I did when I was in my 20's and early 30's sometimes.

I'm 48 right now. I am sure in 20 years when I am 68 and I look back 20 years I will shake my head at how immature I was at 48, just as when I was 28 I thought I felt matured but look back now.....oh boy.

I don't mean to imply that maturity is tied to age. But it is hard for me to separate the two since past experiences lead to maturity.

Good subject.

Old folks, kids, madmen, and some scientists are the most enlightened humans who try to take the others out of Plato's cave, but they can't understand...

When I review my years on Earth, I consider the most useless those periods, during which I've been trapping myself, one way or another, into the cages of maturity. It's also a concept used very wisely among adults to self-police each other.

p.s. maturity is like peer-reviewed articles - complete bogus.
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Maturity in the sense of the passage of time means corruption of your original state. However, I think "maturity" in this thread is meant to be seen in a positive light, so I will say that maturity is objectivity.
Parcheesi, 8pm bed times, being crotchety, and Depends.
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Possibly, NeveramI. Possibly.
I guess the idea of what makes a person "real" is subjective. If you look at the opposite of maturity, in my eyes it involves a baby that cannot care for itself. It places many burdens on the caregivers, but it also gives great joy in most cases.

So, you could say that the baby is as real as it gets, when it wants to poop, it poops, when it wants to pee, it pees. When the baby experiences intense emotions or it is hungry, it cries. When it is tired, it sleeps. There are no inhibitions but there are many expectations of others. Instinctually it expects others to provide it with the necessities and it cries to let them know.

When I think about the guardian, they are the opposite. In a proper environment the guardian cleans the baby's mess, comforts the child when it is distraught, feeds and provides love to the child. If the adult were being "real" then they potentially wouldn't provide either emotionally or physically and the baby would most definitely have defects if not die. The guardian, in a good example, understands this concept and does not want harm to happen to the baby, even if they do not necessarily like or love the baby, they provide for it.

This is maturity in my eyes. Overly simplified perhaps. I would like to expand on this later.
Self control. :m025:

Parcheesi, 8pm bed times, being crotchety, and Depends.

Get off my lawn!

Damn kids and their carefree, happy go lucky-ness!
simply put, acting appropriatley in any given situation.
Maturity involves impulse-control or self-restraint, emotional, psychological, and social responsibility, thoughtful, considerate, respectful despite personal feelings, responsive, increased wisdom, understanding, and personal accountability.
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OH! I have one!

It's when you stop expecting your parents to take care of you, or stop blaming them for everything that is wrong in your life.

But I like this one, too:

Self control. :m025:

Get off my lawn!

Damn kids and their carefree, happy go lucky-ness!
Maturity means Extended understanding and able for right application of knowledge,
Being able to explore many differing ideas and opinions without losing your shit.
Being mature is having a handle on your emotions, at least to the point that you can raise children with out wildly fucking them up.
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Being mature is having a handle on your emotions, at least to the point that you can raise children with out wildly fucking them up.

LOL well said!