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Left-handedness and INFJ


Aug 15, 2009
Has anyone noticed a correlation between left-handedness and INFJ (particularly in males, who are more common among lefties but less so among INFJs)?

I always chalked up my INFJness to my "extreme," head-to-toe left-handedness. I know not all INFJs are left-handed, but probably not all INFJs have the "downturned eyes" either (though I, again, do). Just trying to put together a sensible Venn diagram here! ;-)

I'm left handed, and I know another INFJ male lefty.

Interesting thought.
I write with my right hand, but I do everything else (lifting, carrying etc) with my left hand, because it feels steadier XD
My left hand used to be fairly equal to my right hand, but I decided to pick a hand and go with it. That way, my right hand is even stronger! :)
I'm a right but im god at using my left hand for a lot of things.I use knives with my left hand and throw a frisbee better with it too. I can also write fairly well with my left hand but thats mofe because I keep breaking the fingers on my right hand which makew me write lefty.
I'm ambidextrous x_x I don't know male INFJs to date xD
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I think diplomacy, a strong trait of the idealist, is on the front right of the brain. So, it is possible that a lot of INFJs are left handed because the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body.
I'm right handed, right eyed, right head-to-toe. I do think that my language capacity is in my right brain too for the most part, when it is in the left brain for 97% of right handed people.

I have always wondered if being left handed made you more likely to be a T and being right handed made you more likely to be an F. It appears that you are observing the opposite though. I actually don't think that what hand you are affects your personality type, or I wont believe anything until research is done on it.
I am a right handed INFJ male, although my left eye is stronger than my right lol. It would seem that I have one trait that is common with most people (being right handed) but have the rare personality type of INFJ :)
I'm right handed though my left hand is steadier than any other right handed person I know. I tend to have a left handed preference for anything fiddlely. I guess if I chose to be, I could become ambidexrous. I think I'm going to try that now. :D To be honest I only started using my right hand because I observed that everybody else around me was.

I don't know any INFJ males though.
I am very much right-handed, although I wish I was a bit more ambidextrous
Sorry, right handed. You know, they call them sinistrals because being left handed was some weird kind of bad and sinister thing. I think.
Sorry, right handed. You know, they call them sinistrals because being left handed was some weird kind of bad and sinister thing. I think.
Sinistrals huh? I like this title. :m197: Yeeeessss

*lefty here*
I am ambidextrous.

I write with my right hand because I was taught to in school, and it is faster than writing with my left. Otherwise, I am able to do anything with either hand, but I have noticed that I perform right brained activities, like archery, sword fighting, etc. with my left hand, while I perform left brained activities, like writing, sign language, etc. with my right.

I am also left eye dominant for right brained activities, and vice versa.

Has anyone noticed the disproportionate number of ambidextrous INFJs? Ambidexterity only occurs in less than 1% of the population (just like INFJs). Interesting correlation, I think.

Sorry, right handed. You know, they call them sinistrals because being left handed was some weird kind of bad and sinister thing. I think.

The term sinister acquired the current definition because it was the term for left handers, who had a tremendous advantage when fighting right handers in medieval warfare, and were on many levels considered 'cheaters' because of holding their weapon and shield with 'the wrong hands'.
I'm a righty, but I'm probably better at most people than doing things with my left hand. Drummers can't depend on their right hand to do blast beats. :p

I suck at writing with it, though.
I read a statistic somewhere that the more older siblings you have, the more likely you are to be male, left-handed, and/or gay. And stereotypical gay guys are more in touch with their Fness than most... correlation?

I'm confident the first statistic is right, not sure about the second or third.
I'm a third generation lefty. My mom is left handed and so was her dad.
Well, I tend to use my right hand, but i'm not completely 'right handed' (and i'm right brained too, so maybe i'm supposed to be a lefty :p)