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  • foureyes! Hello gorgeous! I saw your username on the "who's online" thing and I was like "She's back! She's back!" You know, I have been thinking about you a lot everytime I am on here, always wondering if you would return and.... here you are!
    It's a crazy world isn't it???? I'm so glad to meet you probable very distantly related family member. :D
    hey no bother, i agree with a dominant type! but i do think some people can be so close to both types that the MBTI label becomes irrelevant and to observers of that person they could label them ENFP/ENFJ on any given day, and if two people were to exist but only differing so minutely in how long they spend in each type, they would by many observers be seen as the same although having different primary functions, anyhows I dont mind been an ENFP or ESTJ in disguise as an ENFP ,the whole point is nobody knows for sure, and nobody will ever know!
    Um, did something just happen here?

    Anyways, I hope your pancakes were nice, I could do with some right now. Homecoming dress huh? I'm not really clued up on american culture but that's that big dance you go to isn't it?

    I wasn't offended, my retardedness WAS funny.
    Ah yeah, of course. foureyes... glasses. I get it now. I reckon that pic suits you. If that's anything to go by then you must be pretty.
    Nah, it's fine. That sounds good.

    There are several online versions, including Aim Express which are free and you don't have to download the program.
    Just leave it! To delete it assumes that it's meaningless. It's not. You're seriously overreacting.
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