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INFJ and living alone?


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Jan 18, 2009
I am an INFJ, obviously. And, I find that it is uncomfortable, conflictual and almost impossible for me to live with room-mates.

Is this just me?
Personally, it depends on the roommate. I've had several, not all at once, and while I'm glad I experienced it (and some of it was good), I'm at the point in my life where the only person I'd like to share my living space is with a significant other. It helps if I live with someone who is either very much like me in the sense of living space or very easy going :)
dont worry its not just you!I know loathe two of my ex 'best' friends who i unfortunately decided to live with,they drove me mental.its quite awful to see the hypocritical,self serving side of people.bleh. if you do decide to live alone id advise getting a pet it will prevent lonliness and they are almost impossible to not get along with ;)
Yes - when I was living alone before, I had my cat. She made the best room-mate I've ever had.

They can't complain, they purr, and sleep on your bed at night!
Living alone is the best.
I dont think many INFJs will like roommate situations too much because having a roommate requires you to compromise a lot (like with listening to music, especially if they dont have the same musical taste as you) and even a good friend may have small quirks which annoy you. I once had this INTP roommate and while I was cool with him he would constantly snort -- so if I wanted to know if he was home I would listen to that sound -- either that or the sonar ping his blackberry made everytime he recieved a message (which was approximately about 30 times a day). I don't know why but I gradually developed somewhat a distaste for those habits, even though I still liked the guy.

Generally its difficult to find a roommate which makes living with one as good as living alone. The good thing about the aforementioned INTP living with me was that he was a gamer, was *sort* of into geeky stuff, and generally was an N so we could talk about N stuff sometimes. Other than that we were far different people -- and I probably wouldnt have been able to tolerate the situation if he wasn't a good hearted kind of guy.

So yeah it tends to be pretty good living alone.
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I've found I've become withdrawn, depressed and not myself since I've moved into my new place (with a room-mate).

I really think I'm going to take the plunge, and shell out the extra cash to move out.
I had a BAD roommate my freshmen year. As such, I will never have one ever again. I love being by myself anyway.
I agree its a good idea. Living by yourself gives you the space to spread out, you don't have to concern yourself with encroaching on anyone elses space.
I've found I've become withdrawn, depressed and not myself since I've moved into my new place (with a room-mate).

I really think I'm going to take the plunge, and shell out the extra cash to move out.

It sounds like it is worth it, absolutely.
Lived with roommates for over a year. I'm nearly sick of it. It just seems like if I were living alone I would get way more done with school, work, and play.

Of course an introvert in a house full of extroverts is going to have a rough time anyway usually. They just don't understand the need for space, usually.
I'm very glad I'm not alone in my inability to live with others. I was feeling a little like an antisocial freak. :p
Shelling out the extra money to get your own place is just about the most worthwhile expense there is.

My home is my sanctum and no one gets in the front door.
I can barely tolerate
If you can afford it, live alone. If you're anything like me, you'll find it much easier to stay centered.
I must say I really enjoy living alone. I have all my own stuff that I can put anywhere I want and the food is all mine. Also I don't have to deal with others messes all day which was something that irritated and depressed me to no end. I was continually depressed when I was living with others and had I known how wonderful it is I would have done this sooner.
its not really something im worried about, mostly beacuse i plan to live with a close friend whom i know really well. if i had to live with some party animal who came back at 3am and was sick all over the kitchen every mornin id be out as quick as possible.
CSDiva you should go for it if you can afford it!I also have a cat,boots and adores me and i adore him,im currently living back at home and making a long commute,(not that living with family is any easier!!)but once i can afford i hope to move on my own,it will be nice to have a place with just my things and the way i want it,the solice and privacy will be nice too!youre not an antisocial freak....but im beginning to wonder is it the infj's who age into eccentric old cat people?? ;)
I prefer living alone, but sometimes it's nice to get out of that vacuum. I've never been married so I'm not sure how that'll pan out (if it does). I know I don't like living with others that much and I think it's because there's too much of ME and not enough of them.

Ideally, I think I could live with a male partner with whom I'm totally committed (and he's totally committed to me). As in marriage, as in "death do us part." That's the only way I see it working because I can totally be myself without repercussions - and he would understand my ways (and I'd understand his). It would take a lot to get there, though. I'd need some time to bond with him before we got to that point.
As an almost junior in college, I've been contemplating this very subject lately. I still live at home, and I am afraid that I could never live with anyone other than my family, because they at least expect my odd habits and moods. I'm also afraid to live alone, though, as I fear I'll never get out and about . . . I really think hermitage is a good idea sometimes.

It's good to read these things from other people, because when I try to talk to friends about it, they really don't understand.

Oh! I also would love to live with a cat, but alas, found that I am allergic about five months ago. :p (I still haven't given up the idea though!)