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If you were a fruit...


May 1, 2009
What fruit would you be, and why?
I'd be a cacao pod. Why? Because chocolate is just the best thing, ever.

Lots of little sections fitted together to form the whole. Kind of a pain to eat - only for the seriously dedicated.

Available, but an acquired taste. Easy to relate to on the surface (oh look, it's a citrus....).
Kiwi fruit. Because I'm a Kiwi.
Kiwi fruit is delicious if you cut the two hard knobs off, and bite right into it.

It's also great in a smoothie with ice cream and gingerale and then blended
a dragonfruit as theyre so curious looking and has sentimental memories behind it:)
Apple, cause I'm straight froward.
You're brown on the outside, green on the inside, yellow further down and a nut at heart?
Perhaps a pomegranate. I like all the varied, juicy little geometric shapes inside, and the intense, translucent red makes an interesting and beautiful play of light.

I'd be a grapefruit. I've grown thick skin (somewhat), I'm often unappreciated, but for those who are used to me I'm a delight! :)

EDIT: I was thinking grapefruit as soon as I saw the thread title - before I read thataway's post.
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Cloudberry: I am sweet but I can be tart if I'm not in the right mood. I am not asexual. I am soft. I don't like dry weather. I can be out if it's cold. I love the rain. It isn't a berry for everyone. I am best left to my own devices. I am happiest when I am camping, hiking, or somewhere natural. And the name is perfect because my head is in the clouds so much.


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A wumpa fruit from Crash Bandicoot, please.

Or if we're talking real fruit, mango, whatever.