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I can't dance


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Jan 18, 2009
I have come to realize that I have absolutely no Bodily-kinesthetic or spatial intelligence. I can't dance, or do aerobics or anything else that requires me to learn and perform a series of steps with others.

Is this just me?
Are you asking if you are the only person in the world who cant dance?
Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.
I won't say I can't dance. I can dance, if I get myself drunk enough, close my eyes, imagine no one else is around and lose myself to the music. This makes it very hard to dance with a partner though. =(
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I took belly dancing lessons during my year in the Netherlands, so I'm at least decent. I won't say I'm great, but I can swing my butt around in a way that isn't terribly off-kilter.
I can't dance. I don't like to , I don't like to be forced to try. :m162:
I want to learn how to dance but I really suck at it. Who wants to teach me? :D
I can latin and ballroom.

Do you want to learn to dance, or do you want to through your body around like an epi having a fit?
My wife and I have taken dance lessons over the years. She's much better than me. Actually, though, once you're beyond the basics, doing anything more fancy can be more taxing mentally than physically. But, it is so much fun, it's worth it. Take lessons. No matter what your deficits, you'll get better and have a lot of fun. At our very first lesson, I remember the instructor said that taking just one lesson makes you a better dancer than 98% of people. For some reason, initially, women seem more open to dancing than men. A lot of men are afraid to dance. But, it's good exercise, and once men learn a few steps and develop confidence, they end up liking it, or loving it, too.
I would say I cannot dance. I've destroyed property whilst dancing.
(I'm not joking about that.)
And when things aren't getting destroyed, my dancing makes people laugh. But I still do it on occasion. I don't really care to be a good dancer, though.

I think you could learn how to dance, unless you have some debiliating physical condition. Yoga would probably help you to gain some physical control and make your movements more fluid and graceful.
The people from HSM tried to teach me to do a lame dance and it didn't work. I'm sure if I took proper dancing lessons, that wouldn't have happened. I took ballet, tap dancing and clogging when I was a child. And I think some Jazz too, although that one could be imagination.
I took ballet as a child but was thrown out of it for choking a girl.
I would have enjoyed tap dancing. Come to think of it, that's one thing I'd have gotten serious about.
I am able to dance, in the sense that if I am at a party with friends, I am +tipsy, and there is music I like playing, I am able to move around enough for it to count as dancing, and I have fun with it. I think that if I really tried to learn to dance I wouldn't be 1/2 bad at it, but I just don't care either way.
I can dance.

Not dance well.

Being one of the only black girls at my school, people seem to be automatically more impressed, but in the grand scheme of themes, I'm pretty clumsy.

But this monkey can dance...:m2:
I am spatially challenged.