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How much sleep do you need?


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May 11, 2008
My range is 6-8 hours. Any more or less than that and I'm in hell the whole next day.

However, if we were talking the minimum, I've can go up to 48 hours without sleep.
minimum, which i am forced to live off now (cause they put me on leave, then told me not to leave town) is about 4-5 hours...

...but because i work so much for so long at time, i have been so exhausted that i would rest (i despise the word "sleep" as it represents a human fallibility) up to 15 hrs... 15 hours and the whole friggin' day is gone... what the hell?.. i feel so much time had just been wasted :evil:

i don't like to rest for too long...

...well, at least 8... and then i get tired and take naps immediately afterward.
i can go a while with out sleep as well but my sleeping patterns are all sorts of wonkey sometimes 3 hours will suffice while others i need twelve!
Inkling said:

...well, at least 8... and then i get tired and take naps immediately afterward.

I agree, at least 8 or I am an ogre in the morning. Well I am a cranky morning person even with 8, with less its just downright dangerous for anyone around me. :evil: :?
uhm...atleast 8 hours. any less than that, is bad
i am a teen so i usually sleep 10 hrs? lol so yeah..
I'm usually running off of about 6 or so hours, but if I'm undisturbed, I've been known to sleep for a full 24 hours. On the other hand, I can run off of as little as 3 hours, depending on the situation.
depending on situation, i can go from none to 15 hours.
But my prefered hours is about 8
I feel best when I have between 10-12 hours of sleep, although I can do more easily. Any less then 10 and I will start to ware down in a few days (hence I am always exausted by the end of a schoolweek). Any less then 8 I feel really rough and crappy. Any less then 6 and I will start fainting.
I sleep 6-8 now....but the thing is, how tired I am depends on how early I wake up. My natural state of things is to go to sleep late and wake up late after about 10 hours of sleep...or, get 10 hours of sleep through strange sleep cycles throughout the day.
6-8 hours is great.
I can function pretty well for up to about 40 hours without sleep, and then I start feeling very tired. I function best on 8-9 hours, but I rarely get that much, and I'm fine with about 6 hours.
After three days without sleep, the gnomes show up...
3-10 hours

I usually get around 5, but the ideal sleep time for me would be 8-9 hours.
I wish I could get more sleep, but my body usually wakes up before I do. :( So I've been getting between 6-8 hours, but I really cannot function well if I sleep less than 8 hours.
7 and 1/2 is about perfect for me, though a bit more or less is fine. Under 6 and I am tired early the next day and over 9 and I am groggy the whole next day, typically.

I use to sleep 10hrs or more on a regular basis. At my worst I would sleep for 14hrs, but my record was 17 and 1/2(without waking). It was total escapism due to depression.

Also the longest I've stayed up is something like 52 hours. It was an interesting experience but I don't plan on attempting it again.
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Satya, seven hours' sleep serves me well on most occasions, though I have pets to tend to off and on through the night and I am counting those little moments as sleep. Weekends are catchup times for anything needing physically, as is luchtime for a quick half-hour rest which may or may not turn into actual sleep. Keeping the eyes closed and being quiet a while during lunch helps to make the evening go by much better. I can go great lengths of time without but naps here and there during crisis periods.