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Have you ever seen a ghost?


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Feb 7, 2009
Or a spirit or just had a spiritual experience.

I have seen ghosts and spirits and I can see auras.

I have more but I am sleepy.
I have never seen a ghost. However, I do believe that I am sensitive to spirits, and much more so to energy. I also have reason to believe that my seeing of lights is me seeing energy in the world around me.
I haven't seen spirits but I've heard them before. Or, maybe it was God.
I've seen spirits a few time, heard them a few times, I've sensed presence of things as well
so everything, cept auras, I can see them but i can't tell the color...

also, this is sort of creeping me out, because it's dark and it's night :S..lol
When I was around 14, my sister (then 9yrs. old) and I were sitting out around the fire on one fine summers eve. It was around 11pm on a weeknight here in my small hometown when I decided to add some more wood to the fire. After I sat back down in the lawn chair, we were suddenly enveloped by a circle of blindingly bright white light. Neither of us dared to look up so I could only help but notice the the fire pit happened to be the EXACT center of this illumination. 10 seconds later, it was gone. Terrified, we looked at each other and quickly made a mad dash towards the house. There were no planes, helicopters or anything of that nature just out and about that night. In retrospect, I'm still unable to explain what had occurred that evening!
Only once. I sensed the air pressure in my room was different and noticed that the door had been opened. Then I felt as if someone was caressing me, only right above my skin.. as if they were only touching the hairs on my arms. I looked over my shoulder and saw a figure by my bedroom door. It happened very quickly so I couldn't make the figure out, but it was a person-figure. It looked like the moonlight from the front room windows were lighting it.

Pretty much as soon as I glimpsed it, it receded back. I should have been terrified, in fact my initial reaction was horror--but I had the feeling it was nothing sinister. Instead I tried to reason with myself what it was. I figured it was my roommate coming in my room and putting something on my dresser I had left out (very uncharacteristic of her.)

The whole time I was reasoning with myself that it was my roommate, I kept thinking, "But it was taller than her.."

When I asked if she had, she said she was already gone on her paper route and then made some snide remark about how she would never just walk in my room because, "God only knows what the hell I'd walk in on." So. That's it.
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I haven't made up my mind. On one hand, I've had many moments in my life wherein I felt the presence of something, in addition to a lot of freak coincidences that have happened along the way, but I'm not decided on the subject of the paranormal. My opinion is, that when you die, you do release some sort of energy, but I have a hard time believing that that energy has a conscience, or that it would want to haunt anyone or anything.

Then again, I respect the fact that there are most definitely things that exist beyond our reason, and cannot be explained using the scientific method. Some coincidences tend to be too coincidental.

I have a story, but I'm really shy about talking about it because it sounds so incredibly naive... I don't know.
I was playing Halo about a month ago and had a coke can sitting on the tv stand (I play games close to the screen). Anyway, I was sitting about 3 feet away when the can started moving, and quickly. The stand isn't on an incline so there was no reason for it to move. It slid for about 6 inches then I instinctively reached out to steady it and felt a force trying to pull it in the opposite direction. Immediately afterward I couldn't believe what I had seen until I looked on the wood and noticed the trail of condensation the can made as it had moved. I've seen/heard odd things since I moved in; vague voices, lights turning out, weird shadows...but until the can I hadn't outright seen anything concrete.
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I can see auras, never seen a ghost though.

But I did see an angel once
I'm not 100% sue I believe in ghosts and stuff (because there are usually logical explanations behind each sighting) but I get really freaked out if I'm upstairs by myself sometimes, even during the middle of the day, it just feels really creepy.
I also thought I saw a ghost or something when I was about 6 or 7 and I woke up to see the shadow of a lady on my wall (but I may have been half asleep).
I've seen what others could interpret as a ghost. I lived in a small apartment for a few years where I would wake up from sleep and see what I can best describe as a holographic looking image in the room that would dissipate as I blinked my eyes. One time it was a little girl standing in the doorway. Another time it was a man kneeling on the floor in a pose that looked anguished. One other time it was my boyfriend at the time who was asleep about five blocks away. These images were never animated, but frozen. However, they were quite detailed and more than just a curtain or a chair misinterpreted. There was nothing to be seen in their place after the image dissipated.

It never frightened me and I also knew it was not supernatural. I read up on it and it could well have been a hypnapompic or hypnagogic illusion. These are the states between waking and sleeping in which our senses can get crossed. I believe these were images that spilt over from a dream state. I have also experienced the sleep paralysis which is also a manifestation of that state.
I was sitting at my computer in my room, i was wide awake it was around ten pm and i wasn't on anything at the time. All of a sudden this ghost of a wolf floated in it was around four feet high and looked like a hologram. I reached out to pet it, it felt pretty solid and it had red eyes.

It was one of the strangest moments of my life before that I was practically an athiest all of a sudden I found my self doing research into the paranormal.
Or a spirit or just had a spiritual experience.

I have seen ghosts and spirits and I can see auras.

I have more but I am sleepy.

Yep, spiritual experiences of the benign and malignant, auras, ghosts/energies. PM me if you want details.
I wonder how prevalent this sort of thing is? Seeing the supernatural I mean.
While I've never personally seen a ghost, I have heard so many stories from highly respected individuals that I'd be foolish not to consider the possibility that such events do occur... whether they are truly "ghostly" in nature is still up for debate in my mind though.

I have felt presences, as many do, particularly during the witching hour.
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hmm I'm not sure. when I was like 13 yrs old I was in alone in my house and was channel surfing on the tv (ok, so there's the sofa, besides it there's an open door and in front of the sofa there's the tv, so the tv reflects the sofa and the door), when suddenly in the seconds when the screen turns black I saw the reflection of what seemed like a ghost (to me) standing in the open door (you're gonna laugh at me, but it was exactly like a dementor!! it was tall and long and had something like a ragged dark cloak on. ok, you can stop laughing now). when I brought myself to look at the door, surprise! there was nothing there. weird.
Another time I was walking down the hallway and I saw a spirit walking up stairs, it was like a brown shadow and it literally got within one foot of me.

Sometimes when I go to sleep I can feel and here spirits moving around me,

One time I walked into my school lounge and I swear to mother fucking god I felt a presence there. A very angry one as well

One time I was sitting outside with my friends and I saw a rather large wolf spirit walking down the road.

There is a spirit that gaurds one of the roads near my school it is the spirit of a bear.

I have been possessed.