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do you have a lucky charm?


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Aug 20, 2009
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Do you have a lucky charm? Something that gives you luck, helps you feeling better, gives you peace and confort. It can be an object but also a song, text, habit...

Where did you get it from?
how long do you have it?
what does it do for you?
how does it look like?
Yes, my fantasy of beating the person i'm talking to unconscious, slowly, then tying them into a chair that is fastened to the floor, and their neck to the chair, and filling the room with water up to their neck, removing all light sources, and blasting in Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilira for five days.

1. I got it when some moron, cant even remember who, started talking to me, asking me questions and not letting me answer them.
2. Shit, since 2004 I think.
3. It relaxes me.
4. fourth verse, same as the first.
It's my good luck charm. It relaxes me and puts me in a good mood so that I can focus on things.
Omg. That's intense.

I have a lucky fox spirit.
I just saw him one day
I was totally sober and there he was sitting on top my dresser
My double take showed me he was gone and I didn't want to seem insane so I didn't say anything, obviously no body else saw it.
He is a white fox. With Black tipped ears and a black tipped tail.
I focused a lot of energy on this and started writing a fictional story about him, I gave him character sort of speak. I named him Batu and he is my truth seeker. My little sly lucky charm. Every time I see a picture of him winking at me, I jus feel ... Ok. Like somethins watching out for me.
Yes. The pendant my brother G gave me.

Where did you get it from? My brother.
How long do you have it? I've had it about a year now.
What does it do for you? It reminds me that i'm loved, and of things he's said that have calmed me down. It's a focus for meditating. Keeps me centered sometimes.
What does it look like? It's a metal circle with what looks like the earth symbol from Avatar [the last airbender] on a black cord.
Do you have a lucky charm? Something that gives you luck, helps you feeling better, gives you peace and confort. It can be an object but also a song, text, habit...

I don't believe in luck as such. So I don't tend to carry items that I consider lucky.

Where did you get it from?
From A shop that sold Gothic and Playboy merchandise (I have no idea what they have to do with each other) in the town I live in.
how long do you have it?
Around six months.
what does it do for you?
It shows others my faith and beliefs, as well as reminding me who I am and who I serve.
how does it look like?
Its a shield with a cross (which looks like a sword on it) on it. Its made from silver. Its very much in the same fashion as the crusaders shield. I found it funny that it was in the store for sale. I wear is when I train at Boxing and Muay Thai and pop in my pocket when I spar in the ring.
I don't have a lucky charm, per se, but I have used crystals for the purposes you stated. I selected them anew each day I used them based on which ones I felt drawn to. I am comforted by their energies and presence.
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No, not really
I don't form long term attachments to most things
I do however have objects that are considered blessed or sacred which have significance but not for "luck" and are more spiritual in nature.
Do you have a lucky charm?
Sort of...

Where did you get it from?
Hobby Lobby's jewelry department. ;P

how long do you have it?
Two months? Not that long.

what does it do for you?
It just makes me calm and happy.

how does it look like?
It's a round, silver charm with a bare tree in the center. Trees make me think of family, strength, wisdom, blessings, and keeping standing even when things get tough, so they have some meaning for me.
Nope, never have had one. Interestingly enough though, I felt as if I was obligated to have one as a child. I couldn't explain why, but I felt as if it were expected of me, even though I was never told such a thing. I tried to come up with one such as a lucky rabbit's foot, but I never stuck with one for longer then a few weeks. Thus it had no value and I eventually abandonded the idea.
I always since I was little have carried objects with me that has a special meaning to me. When I was a child the objects I carried (mostly it was a stone) gave me reassurance when I was in a situation that made me feel bad. It was like they protected me. Whenever I was scared and took it in my hand it made me a little bit less scared.
When I was older i carried objects with me to remind myself who I am because I tended to loose myself (my assurance and believes) when I was in company.
Now I still have some special objects that remind me to something. I have a stone from the desert of Jordan that a special person has given to me and it reminds me of the peace, joy and connection I felt when I was there.

I think in short for me it is a save haven or an anchor

I have fantasies about the perfect lucky charm like you read in fantasy books. I had a dozen but never could stick with one. After some time I loose my interest.
I always liked the idea of a lucky charm but could never develop any passion for it, so no. When I'm stressed, lonely or bored I have a habit of saying "I want to go home" even when I am at home. It makes me feel better for some strange reason.
My Cornish cross made of south crofty tin.

it's the st pyran's cross, and I ware it almost all the time.

it makes me feel safe and confident of my identity when I ware it.
I am cornish, so it['s very special to me, it makes me feel groudned in my traditions and culture.
I don't have a lucky charm, although, I always wear a gold bracelet, who I got from someone special. Makes me smily everytime I look at it :) so, that's definitely something ^^
if I have one, I have yet to find it...
I like the idea of having one, though
When I was younger my grandpa gave me a rabbits foot and I carried it everywhere untill I missplaced it one day... I think I've had two rabbits foots.

I remember hearing about "lucky pennies" and so I searched the streets untill I could find one...misplaced those too...

I also debated about carrying around a horseshoe once... how could I missplace that right?

I never found one though.

I'm not good with lucky charms...luck comes and goes.
A boy gave me his lucky charm.

It was a pokemon card. So yes, I do have a
good luck charm, however it isn't really mine.
I tend to lose everything so charms don't work out too well.

I listen to this song at least once a week (sometimes more) and have been doing it for makes me feel alive and I smile.

[ame=""]YouTube - The Postal Service - Such Great Heights[/ame]