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do you "believe" in UFO's

Do You Believe In UFO's

  • I do Believe in UFO's. (they are real)

    Votes: 37 66.1%
  • I do not Believe in UFO's (it is not happening)

    Votes: 19 33.9%

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I believe at our core humans are disposed to accept irrational truths. While that is important for us spiritually, it does not make it empirically true.

I JUST proposed this same idea in one of my classes, not even two days ago.

It's as if we need mystery to even wake up in the morning...
It's hard to say, I know they exist.

But what could it be? E.T.? Secret Government operations? Something else?

I know most of the things out there are just debris burning up in the atmosphere, or satellites disappearing instantly getting cast away from our shadow, but these are more head-scratching:

[ame=""]YouTube- Prophet Yahweh - Nevada Man Summons A U.F.O. Using The Hebrew Teachings Of Moses[/ame]
I believe that there are other beings that exist other than us. Maybe aliens, maybe other creatures other than humans that we don't really know about, i don't know, but there is more out there.
I would agree with that statement. On the other hand, I wonder what those airline employees all stopped to look at? I'm as interested in what causes perceptions as in the perceptions themselves, and fully able to separate the two. (Which is not often the case in that field.)
I voted no, but I generally "suspend my disbelief" on the subject. I really am not bothered by the thought, but I am bothered by the way so many people seem to come to it. Seems too much like some strange subconscious suggestion born out of some unified human feeling of longing for there to be something "other" out there that might be interested in us.
in flying saucers I do not put much backing
because hard evidence seems to be lacking
unlike ghosts or the gods
or the power of the Mods
belief in them indicates heads that are cracking
I believe that there are many flying things that remain unidentified, and that most are simply insects. Most UFO reports though are probably illusions or illusions.
yeah but, can you say that in a limerick?
Here's my position in a limerick:

In science the world (we are taught),
is that which is reproducibly wrought.
But despite lack of proofs,
and plenty of spoofs,
the Universe Set minus the Experimentally Reproducible Set need not be naught.
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I believe that there are a lot of things which can't be explained and there are so much more things that we can never discover and that the world is big. I don't think plants, animals, and humans are the only living things.
I believe that there is something more out there, be it aliens, humans, whatever it might be.

However, I am inclined to disagree with the theory of flying saucers.

Flying saucers are a human idea, to go with the human design of aliens, so why should real aliens, (if they exist), use the human design for transport?
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Yup, totally believe; which is not to say I believe anything anyone has to say about them at face value. And yeah, to the one who mentioned grains of sand:

Our galaxy (vita/milkyway) is a middling-large galaxy... it tracks between 200,000,000,000 stars and 400,000,000,000 stars (undecided at this time.) There are far larger... the nearby Andromeda Galaxy (which will collide with us in a couple billion years) has roughly double what we've got... and there are other mega galaxies out there easily topping 1,000,000,000,000 stars. Multiply this by the estimated number of galaxies, and what you've got is somewhere between 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in just the observable universe alone. There's more that cannot be observed and the mathematical likelihood that there's uncountable other universes as well (replete with math that suggests it is not impossible to flip flop between them in varying ways.)

MEANWHILE, this one tiny little solarsystem has offered us more than one opportunity for life. Venus has pockets of gas in its atmosphere whose only EASY explanation thus far may be free-floating bacterial colonies. Not proven, not disproven... just very interesting. There's a group of nasa-related scientists hinting at a major public release of life information regarding mars within the next year as well... again, the best we can hope for is bacteria level stuff. There's certainly things alive on Earth right now that would do fine there. Further, three of Jupiter's gallilean moons offer subsurface possibilities as well.

There are many stars out there that are very awful candidates for life... for example, there was a spate of people claiming to have come in contact with aliens calling themselves Pleideans... referencing the newborns called the Pleides. Don't be suckered in... these stars are babies, and haven't had yet a third of the time it took for our own earth to get STARTED with the most basic of organic shinanigans. As well, they're rather large newborns, and the bigger the star, the more violent and shortlived it is. So not only would they NOT be a vacation spot for interstellar migrants, but they'll explode far too soon for life to ever get a chance. If someone says aliens come from a star with a popular and widely known name, you can disregard this because only the brightest of stars in our sky GOT popular names, and they are bright for several reasons most of which are very hostile to life.
It's quite ridiculous to not believe in UFO's.
I believe that there is some other form of life other than humans, plants, animals, etc. I don't believe that they are exactly as "aliens" are portrayed in movies, but there are other beings out there.
I don't know about UFO's but a friend was telling me recently that there are as many stars in our galaxy as there are grains of sand on a beach and there are as many galaxies in the universe as there are grains of sand on a beach.

If that is the case, you gotta wonder about the possibility of life on other planets.

Just to be clear, the poll question asks the poll taker if they believe that (some) UFOs are in fact ships from another world. Not whether it is likely that sentient, intelligent life exists somewhere other than in (some of) humanity.
The poll questions asks for what we think about UFO's, I took that in a more literal sense as an Unidentified Flying Object does not necessarily refer to aliens. Heh... sorry, I kinda decided to be pedantic thar.
I definitely believe that at times we cannot identify flying objects and thus must classify them as unidentified.
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Two-word question:

crop circles.

If UFO's don't exist, then can someone tell me who is the genius inventor of the perfectly designed images on the crop fields around the world?

SETI just celebrated an anniversary. Those crafty alien intruders have eluded us for quite some time. How many of the folks who work there are knowingly lying to the public?
If I were to go the route of defending the presence of aliens here, I would say they simply don't want to talk to seti. It's not really a far fetched explanation.

Edit: That said, I don't actually "believe" in UFOs being ships of other sentient, advanced, beings.
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