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Any INFJ Aquarians or Leo's?


Edit: Don't ask.
One Aquarian reporting in :wave:
Aquarius iz i
Lioness :D
aquariiiaaaas, aquaaariiiasss. whenever i hear this it reminds me of the song at the end of 40 year old virgin with stevel carrel, but yep thats what i am though i don't really know what that entails.
The one confirmed real life INFJ friend of mine is a Leo, and I'm an (INTP) Aquarius, not that I lend any credence to astrology.
Aquarian. Why do you ask? I know nothing about astrology.
I don't have a single aquarius or leo sign in my natal chart. I'm Taurus.
Count me in as another Waterboy :)
Leo over here! =)
Age of Aquariussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Rising sign, anyhow.
That reminded me of a horoscope which I read in the school newspaper back in my freshman year of high school:

"Aquarius: Do you remember that song 'Age of Aquarius?' Well consider this the day the music died. From now on, nothing good will ever happen to you again for the rest of your life."

I also remember that the same issue contained another one something like this:
"Cancer: Like all cancers, you have a tough outer layer and have difficulty opening up to show people who you really are inside: a tasty seafood dish. Of you let your guard down even for a moment people will eat you alive."
I'm a crab, sorry.