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  • Noo I haven't been in Japan I just read about the story, that's a big difference!!!
    Maybe you are right, I ll keep that in mind.

    I only have so many friends because my
    things are private and when I sent every
    one that candycane gif ~ christmas time
    people wanted to be my friend so that
    they could thank me!
    yeah i think estp fits me. i do identify with masculin behavior more then other girls i know, and i get drawn into guy conversations for how relaxed and not soaked in emotional stuff they tend to be. oh but also cause i dont have many gay friends so i get to talk about girls with they guys i know.

    oh but note i make frequent trips to my shadow so i may not be a great representative female estps.
    I know myou feel like everyone is comming down on you, but it's mostly just acd and co. I understand you invested a lot in a relationship and expected very little and didn't even get that, but some day, you'll have to let go of the bitterness if you're ever going to try again. I understand how you feel completely though. :)
    In my chase, taking a step back meant to really test the realism in the vision by sharing it with people close to me. This forced me to apply judgment on the vision and test all the possible outcomes, not just the ideal ones, and in doing this testing what I felt for the more realistic outcomes.

    These were in no ways pessimistic outcomes but realistic outcomes. For example, it might be hard to survive solely on dog training and a more realistic approach is that I probably have to supply the “whole package” from dog training to dog pension to dog walks etc. The idealistic outcome of this vision is to write a book about dog training, and when deciding if and how to pursue this vision, I have to be aware of what’s ideal and what is realistic in it. The ideal outcome was of course what made me feel so strong for the vision.

    Now when I am being more aware of the real and the ideal parts of the vision, I don’t feel that the risk I would make of quitting school would be worth the possible reward. Continuing my education would actually in some aspects bring me in the right direction anyways. I will keep thinking on what career is right for me. I believe that as long as I move forward in a direction that is somewhat right for me, and that gives me the option to adjust the course, I will end up somewhere pretty good.
    Ah shit my thoughts are so disturbed by my vision of the future and feelings of this "future". I used to think like you that work will always be work and it wont be something that you enjoy, and now i have started to think that it is possible to have a job that i would enjoy. It would be a whole lot easier if i could just stick do the mindset you have about work but man... do i feel for change right now and pursue the dog training career?... yes i do!
    I wrote a post to adymus about this issue. It sums up my ideas pretty well since i spended some time on writing it. I would appreciate it very much if you would take the time to comment on it too. So here it goes:

    My future vision of myself before reading about MBTI was that I was going to get a doctors degree in macroeconomics because I thought that I would have something to contribute (I haven’t really thought that much about the whys more than that before). Well I
    You are very wise. Hey I have a question for you. The whole yesterday i spended on thinking about where im going right now and one of my conclusions was that i probably wont enjoy working with macro economics. I think i will have to find a career that i would feel more for and where i would enjoy more freedom. Have you found any career you really like? What is the best job you can think of that would fit you the best?
    Observation and research of married couples shows that there is a definite trend in types that are attracted to each other, and in type combinations that have the longest lasting relationships.
    They claim to have some statistics to back it up but they cannot possibly have taken ENFPs and ENTPs tendency, to change relationships often before they
    Well maybe an ISFJ is the right type for you. The more i think of it i get this feeling that the one writing all the personality type descriptions and who fits with who, probably dont like INFJs all that much. I think that person just wants to fuck with our heads and wish that we would crash and burn over and over again. That INFJ hater that wrote all our type descriptions, well that mother fucker paired us with ENFPs and ENTPs just because he likes to see us suffer. Im in the mood for some type relationship revulotion, are you with me? :)
    I complained a bit about my ISFJ girlfriend in my intro tread but she really stunned me today and made me realize why i love her. She might not be easy to discuss theories and such because she want a more "hands on" explanation and she might get a bit grumpy when i make a mess at home, and it can be quite hard to find common grounds but man... never once during our 2 year relationship have i been afraid that she would get interested in someone else, it just never have struck me.

    And even thou ISFJs are supposed to be inflexible she seems to support me in whatever i chooses to do. It is amazing that even thou i have changed my mind in what career im going to pursue 4 times the last 12 months she has supported everyone of them. I mean if i was a girl and was in a relationship with such an indecisive fuck that one day is completely sure he wants to pursue one career and then 6 months later be completely sure that another career is the right one... well i would tell him to fuck of :p

    Im not saying i have the ultimate relationship but when i was going to write all the pros and cons about an ISFJ it struck me that she actually is quite amazing and that i should appreciate what i have. So i guess i kind of owe you an thank you (For weeks I
    I have more coats/sweaters than any girl could need.
    But I really want a soft white one.
    Because I won't look pale enough already.

    I've definitely had my college fun
    I'm just really different from most
    of the people and only a couple
    of people really enjoy my personality
    and sense of humour. The rest
    only like me to look at me. I don't
    like that.
    Yeah, I do.
    I don't like it very much.

    My knowledge of macro has led me to feel so much dislike for joe biden.
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