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  • Oh you definitely did push my buttons, but that actually helps more than it does skew if you are aware of what it is in the different types that pushes your buttons. You're definitely an F, your primary concern through-out this conversation was harmony of the group we are in. I was throwing at you a very Ti perspective, and not only did you barrel over it and ignore it's validity, you were practically repulsed by it, even refereed to it as disrespect. So yeah, having Fe as a higher cognitive function is most likely to be the case. And please don't call me kid, first of all I older than you, but more importantly obvious condescension is obvious.
    By the by, you asked earlier about what type I think you are, and I didn't have an answer then. But now that I have had a chance to talk to you, I'm almost certain you are an ENFJ. That conversation was actually extremely revealing about the way you think.
    Interesting, I wasn't aware you had the ability to know precisely what everyone here is thinking. Thanks for confirming my suspicions though, see ya.
    Oh I am the last person here who would be looking for facts on this forum (I think I know better than anyone else here that this would be the wrong place to search for reliable data.) But this forum is not as non-serious as you are making it out to be. People here are giving out their type-based opinions, and other people really are taking it seriously. While you are you're right about nobody here having a professional opinion, it is still a forum based on a theory, and people tend to feel that they have an authority to give their input they give it anyway, simply because they think they are the type that they are talking about. Whether you realize this or not, many people are coming to this forum so they can find actionable advice on how the types work, and how they can treat their girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, friend, or themselves. Maybe these are not cold hard scientific facts going around, but they are essentially being treated as such.
    Okay it looks like you took way more offense to this then I would have expected, soooo yeah. Enjoy the forums Adalia.
    That's right, and a very accurate assumption indeed, possibly not in your case, but in a general sense it is. And no it is not pointless at all, we are on a forum where we are talking about issues that have to do with type, and it is crucial that I am confident that the person who is giving out information about "their type" is indeed the type they say they are. For instance, you should never listen to romantic advice you hear about Type + type match ups, because the vast majority of them are mistyped anyway, which is why you end up hearing bullshit like INTP+ESFJ is an awesome match up, even though it is basically the 7th layer of hell.
    In what way did I make an assumption? On the contrary, I did not assume that you really were an ESTP regardless of your claim to be one.
    Who knows, like everyone else on the internet that claims to be a certain type, you could realistically be anything. The only way I could be sure is if I saw you in a video.
    You've never heard that expression? Damn, I noticed you were from California, so I was sure you would know what that means. It is basically like saying "I call bullshit", but in a less mean, and more playful sort of way.
    But ESTP, huh? In all seriousness, I am not sure I buy that. And believe me, it is nothing personal, as a person that is very aware of how inaccurate the MBTI tests are, I actually don't believe anyone when they tell me they are a certain type, until I have had a chance to take a look at them. Tell me, what attracts you to a place with your exact opposite type? Don't get me wrong, I fetish out with my own inferior Fe from time to time as well, and I really enjoy it despite it being my weakest function, but I'm damn sure not going to go hang out on Oprah forum or some shit with the ESFJs.
    I wasn't expecting any particular answer, so the one you gave is just fine. It's your answer and that the most important.

    Learning my type meant for me that I'm a one step closer to understanding myself better. Many of the stories that I wrote are actually the product of my attempts to depict how the world inside my head looks like. Obviously I'm not satisfied with any of them, because something is always missing, but with every new thing that I find out about myself I'm a step closer. Knowing my type allowed me to understand that what I felt and thought about the world around me was not so strange after all, that maybe feeling out of place is a way of being in place, if you know what I mean.

    As for the books I'm not really sure. One of the first books that I got was the Hobit, and for me that was just wonderful place and a beautiful story. I used to reread it so many times. A bit later on, I read Wuthering Heights, and it shaped me a bit when it comes to my love expectations. A bit more later on I read Divine comedy, and found out that someone else was thinking the same thing as me, that people should get what they deserve, and that the road to the love and understanding is hard and full of obstacles. The a bit more later on, I read Dostoyevsky and it shaped my sense of moral. I like Faulkner, Vulf, Murakami, Andric, Pushkin, also. For me it's not one book, it's many writers and many books that shaped and influenced me in many ways.

    I didn't read East of Eden, though it is on my list.

    What other books shaped who you are today?

    Have you ever felt out of place?
    You are welcome, I'm glad that we have an estp on the forum, there is a very small percentage of any extroverted types let alone estp around the web on this kind of forums. My boyfriend is an estp so I have some firsthand experience with estps and your infamous bluntness. :D And from my experience we usually get to the same spot but we are just using different roads to get there which makes this interaction even more interesting. I wonder who will be good and who will be evil? :D
    The first thing two things that I noticed when I first came here was that here people have mediation threads as a form of solving conflicts among members, and that there are a lot social and hard topics that people are able to discuss without getting at each other's throats as much as that happens on another forums.
    This forum is for me a place to talk with people who seem to understand me even though they don't know almost anything about me. Communicating with people here is so easy, informative, I feel like I'm learning all the time. And one of the things that I really appreciate is that there are a lot less conflicts than on other forums.

    I like to write, in fact I write or read almost all the time. I read a lot more than I write, but writing is a healthy outlet for me, a way to communicate with myself on a different level even when it's not journaling.

    You obviously like to write, but what do you like about the forums so far? Also, what being an estp means for you?
    Of course it's ok. :D

    I have some experience with inflating ESTP's dangerously oversized egos, nothing bad will happen, just the opposite. :D

    Hope you are enjoying the forums so far.
    Do you believe that your type description of ESTP fits you? It fits my dad pretty well, and I just have trouble picturing how this plays out in a feminine way, or perhaps, do you identify more with masculine behavior because of your personality?

    Personally, as an INFJ, I find myself getting drawn into female conversations a lot more than male conversations because of their feeling orientation. I'm just wondering if the opposite might be true for you?
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