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Your First Kiss


Jun 17, 2009
Inspired by this topic and sumone's absolutely adorable description of her backyard BBQ moment, I thought it would be cute to have folks describe their first experiences.

Was your first kiss cute? Was it sloppy? Was it clumsily romantic? Did you see stars? Were you grossed out? Do you remember it fondly? Or do you not remember it at all?

What was your best kiss like? Set then scene. Don't afraid to get all mushy and sentimental; no cynicism allowed. :D
No, I don't remember my first was a long time ago. However, there was Mary....I will never forget kissing her!! Wow!!
My first kiss was when I was about 5 or 6 I don't remember numbers ever. I was at a party with lots of kids. I was dressed in this cute little red skirt with a polka dotted blouse. I looked cute. An older boy asked me if he could kiss me, and I said yes. I was about as red as my outfit for the rest of the evening.

BONUS: He was shirtless.
My first kiss with tongue wasn't very successful. She decided to move it with so much energy and in such way that wasn't very beneficial for either of us. It required great physical strength from my side, to be able to remain attached to her mouth long enough to count it a kiss. I think she managed to simulate a process that can be used in nanotechnology to produce non-sticky surfaces. We had a good laugh later about it.
:m044: (Guess she was a little too nervous, and I was so nervous that had crossed a point after which you become relaxed.)
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My first kiss was stolen!!! *shakes head* Lol.... Well, I was fifteen and as naive as it gets. I was enthralled with my faith at the time, and I was "dating" a boy who I met at church. By dating, I mean we sat together at church and sometimes held hands, and he would come over to my house to hang out and watch movies.. *laughs* So, we were never really allowed to be alone, but this sneaky kid asked my dad if he could go into another room to pray with me... *puts head in hand* You have to understand that I was extremely naive, and I was really into praying. So my dad believed him and trusted me, and we went to pray.. which we did actually do by the way. Well after we prayed, he asked me to close my eyes because he wanted to give me something... and silly girl that I was I thought I was actually going to get a present.. So I closed my eyes and the little sneak kissed me. I remember being shocked, opening my eyes, and then pushing him. I felt bad for that, so I quickly recovered with a hug. I mean, I did like the guy at the time. But I was completely caught off guard and embarrassed.

So yeah.. That was my first kiss.

Now... best kiss.. that's a hard one to decide.. *sigh*

I'm gonna narrow it down to two..

The first one was when I was 19 and with an ex-boyfriend actually. It's kind of a crazy story because when I was a freshman and sophomore I really had a crush on this guy. He was a grade above me and I just thought he was it. He was tall, dark, had perfect eyes and the longest eyelashes. He was ridiculously smart, is probably one of my smartest friends to this day, and so funny. He was down to earth and just, well I liked him.. lol. Anyway.. when I was a sophomore my dad took me out of school and "home schooled" me... but he really didn't home school me. So, I would have never graduated if I didn't run away to my mom's and ask her to enroll me in school. Well once back in school I got into an academic team and who should be taking a break from his ivy league school and helping coach the team, than my school crush to begin with. I was at first embarrassed but then just felt pretty lucky, because he was interested in me. We dated for a while but I was going through a lot of crap at the time so we broke up. Well one day, we were hanging out at a friends house, about to watch DragonBall Z (which I was in love with) and they were gonna go outside to smoke a cigarette. I remember I was sitting in a swivel chair, and I love those, so I was spinning around in it. Well our other friend left to go smoke and my ex stayed behind for a second. I remember him coming up and stopping the chair by putting both hands on either side and resting them on the desk behind me so his face was just a few inches away from mine. He just looked at me for a second and then kissed me, and I remember even to this day that feeling. Like I was seen, wanted, and then taken. Then he just walked out to go smoke a cigarette and left me there flabbergasted. :) Incidentally, that was also the day I got kicked out of my house.. but that's a different story.

Phew... that was long... I'll start a different comment for the other kiss that is a tie if anyone wants to hear it... :D
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My first kiss was with, I know CLICHES ABOUND COMING!, Bobby Miller...We went to day care together...We were 9. We kissed on the playground and it was well sloppy and a nine year old kiss...Bobby was also the first time I saw the male anatomy...what can I say I started early.

The most memorable kiss....

Was the first kiss with my First Fiance, you know the one that died, we were out in the woods, It was fall. the sun was shining through the trees leaving the clearing bright and full of colors. The trees were green, brown, yellow, red all the beautiful colors of fall. We were leaning against his car waiting for another friend to come back to the group. While we were alone, he asked me to prom. He was 21 I was 17 I had a really hard time grasping the idea of him taking me to prom, but I said yes...I couldn't help myself. I was so overcome with glee that he had finally asked me out, I didnt want him to see just how excited I was. so I looked down at my feet until I could control my face. When I looked back up at him, he was mere inches from my face. I could feel his warm breath on my skin. My heart jumped, skipped beats, and beat furiously all at the same time. My stomach hit the floor, and my knees began to wobble. My breath came out staggered and labored. Then he wrapped his arms around me bringing my body as close to his as could be with clothes on and kissed me. I saw stars, I melted, I shattered out of myself, and became nothing but that kiss. His hands bunched up in my hair were warm and sent shivers through my already raging body. The kiss deepened, my consciousness exploded. I was a million little peices...everywhere and no where, centered only by the warmth of his lips on mine. Then...our friend came back...He broke the kiss, smiled at me, then caught me as my knees gave out.
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Oh Entyqua!! How perfectly worded!! That is what a good kiss should feel like!!! I hope people are taking notes. :D
Oh Entyqua!! How perfectly worded!! That is what a good kiss should feel like!!! I hope people are taking notes. :D

Thanks...It was a beautiful kiss..

Yes...All of you take notes...:m123:
I saw stars, I melted, I shattered out of myself, and became nothing but that kiss....

The kiss deepened, my consciousness exploded. I was a million little peices...everywhere and no where, centered only by the warmth of his lips on mine.
Yup...that's what I'm talkin' about!! :)
eww tongue kissin' lol :m032:
Technically, only partial. But the first lesson in this area was similar to Roger's signature:

If you want to get a kiss, you have to remain in the kiss.

Lol. Oh, and about anatomy curiousity, I was one of those freaks who got to know everything first-hand by the age of 4. We even wanted to have kids, before we began elementary school, luckily, we couldn't. To clarify, there was no Internet, and also no porn for me, so I'm not even completely sure where we got these ideas from.
Look at these stories. :smile:
I shouldn't be in this thread. I've never kissed anyone.
I was tipsy on my first real kiss, and it was more experimental than anything. The guy didn't know what he was doing either, so it was real sloppy and kind of gross. I was 16 at the time. He liked me a lot, but I wasn't really into it.

I haven't really had what I would classify as a memorable kiss, though. I don't dislike kissing; I just don't have a whole lot of experience with really kissing or kissing with any sort of real emotional attachment.
It was amazing, gentle, sensuous and it went on forever, tasted lightly of vodka and I can still smell her perfume when I think of it. :)
Heh, my first kiss (or a peck really) came in 1st grade. The class had just finished some art project where we had cut up a bunch of paper and the teacher (Mrs. Johnson) said it was time to clean up. This girl named Andrea and I were crawling on the floor picking up all the scraps we could find. She called me over to a table because she said there was a lot of paper under that she needed help picking up. Bullshit! As soon as I got to the table she gave me a real quick peck. Me being the niave and innocent guy that I (still am) was, didn't even realize that she meant to do it. I thought she just kinda fell or something, so I pretended it didn't even happen. Grade school kisses were sooo awkward.

My first actually kiss (that counts in my book) was when I was 15. I was dating a girl at the time and we'd been 'going out' for a few weeks but hadn't kissed yet. I had this huge romantic plan for the weekend where I was going to kiss her for the first time, but it was Friday at lunch and she said she wanted to go for a walk. About a half mile behind our high school was a huge grassy feild with some old bleachers in it. We went to those and got to chit chatting for a while when she (and this is oddly similar to Dneecey's) said she had a gift for me. Being stupid I had no idea what it was. I closed my eyes and she planted a nice one on my lips. I had no idea it was coming and it took me completely by surprise. It was probably the worst kiss I've ever had, but it's such a fond memory of mine just because of how extremely awkward it was. We both got better at kissing pretty fast (she was a great kisser).

I just realized that I must have the worst intuition about when a girl is interested in me. About 95% of the kisses in my life were started by the girl because I was completely clueless to their signs. Outside of people I've actually dated, I don't think I've ever initiated a kiss. The most random girls in high school would catch me completely by surprise when they'd kiss me if we were hanging out, or working on a project, or something. I never see it coming...
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It was amazing, gentle, sensuous and it went on forever, tasted lightly of vodka and I can still smell her perfume when I think of it. :)

Wow, your description sounds so poetic.