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What MBTI types are your family and friends?


Aug 3, 2010
5w6 sp/so/sx
I only started to seriously look into the MBTI system a few months ago when my summer vacation started and I had some free time. I think I did so because I was starting to notice things in my own behavior which confused me. I was sometimes having negative reactions to things, and I wasn't sure why. So I started learning about INFJs, along with the MBTI types of my family and close friends and the relationships between INFJs and those types. Luckily I had a bunch of my close friends take the MBTI test a few months ago just for fun, so I had those at hand.

Anyhow, what ended up interesting me was the types and/or functions I tend to surround myself with. Most of my very close friend are Judging, with the exception of two. Also, most of the people in my family (who I am close to) are Introverts.

My family is a bit strange and oddly broken up, but I am closest to my mom, my sister, and two of my cousins. My mom is an ISTJ and so is one of the two close cousins (and they don't get along at all). My sister is an ESTJ, the other cousin is an ISTP. Some of my friends' types in the order of "closeness" are ISFJ, ENTP, ENFP (although it can be hard for us to communicate somethings), INTJ, ESFJ. I am also pretty close with another INFJ who is my cousin's girlfriend. I am gay (male) and so is my ISTP cousin's girlfriend! I have a sneaking suspicion my dad could be an INFJ. I am not very close to him (parents divorced) although I think he has more of an impact on me than I realize.

Does anyone else know what types their family and friends are? I would find it interesting to see patterns that may arise.
My father is an ESTP, and his new wife is an ISFJ. I can't tell what my mother is... but I'd guess either ISFP or ISTJ.
I think type is genetic, but at the same time it isnt. I personally beleive you are born with a set of four functions, leading you to develop into four possible types as you age. Just because you have two parents of certain types, does not mean you are going to retain that pattern. However, there are certain commonalties. It's most likely like the genetics of eye color. There is a core pattern, but anomalies can appear because eye color is controled by around 8 or 9 genes. As such, MBTI functions are linked to probabally a series of genes (that likely control something we don't yet understand).

As for my family, I am very confidant on these types for my family:

Dad's side:
Grandfather: ISTJ
Grandmother: ISFJ
Aunt: ISTJ
Aunt: ESFJ
Aunt: ISFJ
Aunt: ESFP
Uncle: ESTJ

Mom's Side:
*Grandfather (biological): INTJ
**Grandfather: ISTJ
Grandmother: ISFJ
Uncle: INTP
Uncle: ESTP

I am an only child

* My moms biological father was not involved in my moms life. My grandmother hid this from her, and he sort of ran. She didn't even know he existed until she was 19, and did not meet him until she was 40. Apparently she has 4 other half sibblings, but she has only spoken over the phone to a few of them. That part of my family is unknown to me and her largely.

** The father to my two uncles.

I came out as INFJ. If you go by genetics strictly in a mendelevian sense, I in theory could have become any type. Also note, my parents divorced when I was 3 years old.
I love typing people around me.
Just in case anyone cares
Sister: ISFP
Mom: ISFJ (we so clearly have the same aux and tert functions its scary)
Dad's side aunt who's house I'm staying at currently: ESTJ
Her husband: ISTP? not entirely sure here.
Cousin from mom's side who's visiting tomorrow: ESTP
these are all the familial types i can think of right now.
as for friends, i don't have very many of them
but i have an ENTJ friend who i don't see as often as I'd like
an ESTJ friend
and an INFP friend
i see both of them like daily
An ESFP who I see once in awhile.
I'm actually in the process of creating a master list of my friends' types.
Mom: ISFJ (definitely)

Explains quite a bit actually
I don't know much of my family but here I go:

Grandfather(Mom's side): INFP
Grandmother(Mom's side): ESFP
Grandfather(Dad's side): INTJ
Grandmother(Dad's side): ISFJ
Sister: ISFP
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Just guessing here-

Dad- ESTP??
Older Brother- I don't get him. He doesn't like our pet bunny at all, He is extroverted, and sound like a robot following a bad script in social situations. I think he might be an ESTJ.
My younger brother- Might be an ENFP.
I read study a while back discussing the heritability of each MBTI preference. The researchers had hypothesized before the study that a preference for intuition was likely caused by a recessive gene, but could not find evidence that genetics influenced this preference at all. Other preferences (including both the letter differences and function preferences, iirc) were found to be moderately heritable, with the preference for introversion or extroversion being the most heritable of all.

My mother is an INFP, although she is no longer particularly introverted any more.

My father is an INTJ, although one who seems to rely on Fi a lot.

It is hard to tell what type my sister is, what with her OCD and Bipolar. I'd guess ISFJ though.

I'd guess that my oldest half brother is an ENTJ. He is a lot like my dad, but more outgoing.

I'm not so sure about my other half brother, except that he is definitely an introvert. If I had to guess I'd probably say ISTP.

My dad's ex wife (my half brothers' mother) is probably an ESFJ. My eldest brother's wife is probably an INFP, although more introverted and not an intuitive as my mother. My other brother's wife is probably an ESTJ.

My dad's mother was definitely an ESJ, probably ESFJ. She was also rather crazy, usually quite mean or even violent but occasionally saccharine affectionate. His father was quite different. He was definitely an introvert, but I'm not as sure about the rest. He had a rather Mr. Rogers-vibe about him.

My mom's mom is likely an ISFJ. She is certainly SJ. She does not really seem introverted to me but my mother insists that she always has been. I wonder if she might be misinterpreting this based on how often her mother had bouts of depression when they were kids and how little she interacted wit them. My mom's father (who would have turned 84 today had he not died last month) may have been an ESTJ. he was apparently quite overbearing and tough when she was young, but had mellowed considerably by the time I got to know him. Mom claims that his personality was a lot like mine, but I really don't see the resemblance.

I don't really know my father's older sister very well, but she is definitely an SJ. their brother died when I was but a few months old, but I'd guess EnTP based on stories I've heard.

I'd guess that my mom's oldest sister (actually half sister; I recently learned that my grandmother was married and had her first child before meeting my grandfather, but her first husband abandoned them. My grandfather adopted her when he married her mother, and seemed to consider her his favorite daughter, perhaps because he didn't think my grandmother would have married him were it not for needing help taking care of her.), who is also my father's brother's widow, is likely an ESFJ. Her younger sister is likely an ISFJ. Her oldest brother (who died a year ago) is said to have been the most like me, but struck me more as an INTJ than an INTP. He was certainly an NT, as well as the most educated, smartest, richest, tallest, and best looking of her siblings. Her middle brother (their mother's favorite) is a classic ESTP, and quite the clown. (His wife is definitely an ETJ, probably ESTJ.) Her younger brother (who never married and is the most depressing person I've ever met) is likely an ISTJ.

My (unrequited) first love/best friend is an INFJ. (Her father is an ENTP, who is apparently eerily similar to Michael Scott from The Office. She had her whole family take the test, but that is the only result she remembered to share with me. Based on how she uses facebook I'd say her mom is definitely an FP. Her sister seems rather ESTJ. I would guess her brother was an ENTP, except for how similar he is to the one confirmed INFP male I know in real life.)
Ok my family is pretty split when it comes to personality.

Oldest sister- ESFP
Oldest brother- ESFP
2nd Oldest Brother - ENTJ(passed away at 17)
Youngest brother- INTJ
2nd youngest sister - ESTP
Youngest sister- ESFJ

Then my girlfriend is an INTP.

I was by far the closest to my oldest ENTJ brother. We just worked well together and though we fought as kids we still where always doing things together. He was just a very persuasive guy and very smooth when he talked, plus just a great ladies man. He was reserved at the same time though and very down to earth. So we just got a long great. My youngest INTJ brother though is someone I fight with constantly. He at times can just be focused so much on his own needs and just doesn't care about anybody else so it frustrates me. As the middle child though, I was really the peacemaker of the family and am still used that way since my parents are divorced.

Now with my parents, I respect both and have great admiration for both of them but also collide heads with them now and again too. They both are their way or the high way type so it's hard to sometimes just do my own thing and be left alone.

I really don't think personality is genetic. I would say it is more learned than anything. If I had been the oldest in my family, there is no doubt I would have a different personality. Also it depends on the parents. Both of my parents are hardworking, successful people; yet that hasn't rubbed off on any of my older or younger siblings. They are all happy just living off mom and dad. I on the other hand want to move out as soon as possible and get started with my own life. That I think coincides with the fact that I was the middle child and didn't get the same treatment the older and younger children got. I was in a class of my own basicly.

Now when it comes to friendship I tend to like extroverts because they are my opposite. I like people who don't have my strengths, that way I can learn and become better. My best friend is a ESTP, my other good friends are ESFJ and ESTJ. I have met a few introverts in my life and the best ones I get along with are my mother, my girlfriend and one of my other friends who is also an INTP, but other introverts take to much time and energy to get to know. Extroverts might like to talk a lot but they open up easier so it's easier to get to know them and maintain a friendship.
It's interesting to see how all of our families seem to be unlike the typical nuclear family one expects. Also, so far, I've seen that many of us have a parent who is an ISTJ. Honestly I feel like I have spent my life trying to understand the inner workings of my mom's personality, so I feel like I intuitively know this type the best.

I'm interested in the genetics aspect of personality type, but have yet to read anything about it myself. Can anyone link some resources?

I'm actually in the process of creating a master list of my friends' types.
I started a wave on google wave just for myself to keep track of everyone's MBTI type. I have, combined, about 17 of my family and friends' types, and color coded by temperament. I also create a separate wave for each person if I ever find myself in the situation where I'm helping them sort out some conflicts they're having, and I take notes in the wave.
Yes, this is a definite hobby of most of us here--typing others around us. I will give it a try. Actually I have been at it for some time!

Although she took the "short" test and came out ESFJ. Sorry, but the woman has more Ni than almost anyone I know!

Dad--ISTJ or ISFJ.
He has pretty balanced T/F. Super heavy J though.

Brother Paul--INFP
Pretty sure on this one. We get along quite well.

Brother Daniel (the Middle child!)--ESFP or ESTP
God what an attention hog! Again, he has pretty balanced T/F. We fought like banshee's when we were young!

Wife Michelle--ISFJ

Son Connor--INFJ?
He's 12, it's hard to say but that is my best guess.

Daughter Chelsea--ENFJ
She tested as this at 14.
Father's side

Grandmother - ESTJ
Grandfather - ISTP

Father - INTP

Mother's Side

Grandmother - ESTJ
Grandfather - INFP

Mother - ESFJ

Mothers brother (Uncle) - ISTP

Mothers sister (Auntie) - INFP,
Husband (Uncle in law) - ENTP (deceased) :m142:

Eldest - ESTP
Youngest - INFP


Eldest sister - ENFP
Brother in law - INTJ

Eldest brother - ISTP
Second eldest sister - ENFJ
Third eldest sisters (Twins) - INTJ and INFP
Fifth youngest brother - INFP
Fourth youngest brother - ISTP
Second youngest sister - INFP
Youngest sister - ENTP (deceased) :m142:
Youngest brother - ENFP


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Maternal Grandmother - ESFJ
Maternal Grandfather - ISTP
Aunt - ESTJ
Mother - ENFP
Father - ISTP
Younger Sister - ISTJ
Sister's Boyfriend - ISTJ (Might as well be family. He's around enough.)

Now, some things of note. My parents are recently divorced (November '09) after a five year on and off separation and a very rocky marriage. I was never close to either one of my parents as a child, though I related more to my father than my mother. I lived the vast majority of my life with my mother's parents and consider them to be more like parents. Also, my mother and I are estranged. We have never had a healthy relationship and the situation was highly toxic for me. I cut all ties.

None of my father's family is listed above as I hadn't seen them since I was 6 until October of last year. I am still uncomfortable around most of them and have not gotten close enough to any of them to speak of type. I could make rough guesses, but they would be incredibly rough.

I am not sure what I think about genetics and MBTI. I tend to lean more toward environmental and situational development. Though, I suppose it is more of a combination of both. Hmmm...
Mum - INTJ
Stepdad - I/E SFJ?? (no idea and don't really care)
Dad (adoptive) - ENFJ
Step mum - INFJ
Girlfriend - INFJ
Younger Sister (really a half sister but hey) - ESFP
Dad (biological) - ESFP
Best friend - INTP

Bolded are the ones who have actually taken the test. I have far more but I don't think I know them well enough. One thing's for sure, I get on better with N's with the possible exception of my sister.
Mum - ISFP
Dad - ISTJ
Sister #1 - ESFJ
Sister #2 - Probably either ENFP or INFP
Brother - Probably either ESTP or ESFP

Sister-in-law - ENTP
Brother-in-law #1 - ESFP
Brother-in-law #2 - Probably ESTP

Niece #1 - ESTP
Niece #2 - Dunno (she's really hard to type)
Nephew #1 - Probably ISFP
Nephew #2 - INFP
Nephew #3 - Probably ENFJ

Friend #1 - INTP
Friend #2 - ESTP
Cyber-friend #1 - INFP
Cyber-friend #2 - INFP
Mom = ISTJ
Dad = ISTJ

(I have no sibs and grandparents died before I was born. Parents are now dead as well).

Husband - ISFJ

My 4 closest friends:

INFP (best friend for 47 years now)

Interesting that there are no J types in there, since I am VERY J type.

Father : ESTJ
Mother : ENFX (more to ENFP)
Sister : INTP
Brother : ISTP

as for Friends... from my PoV I got 2 ESFJ, 2 ISTP, 1 ISTJ, 1 ESTP, 1 ENFP in one circle. 1 ENTJ, 1 INTJ, 1 ISFP in another.

(Still quite in love, good communication)


Grandparents Maternal Side:
Grandad: ESTJ
Nana: INFJ
(theirs was not a happy marriage =/)

Grandparents Paternal Side:
Grandaddy: INTJ
Granny: ENFP

(theirs has been a very happy marriage)

My friends tend to be all over the board. The ones I have the fewest of are most likely INFJs, because I have only met one in real life. Although we got along very well, I only met her when she came into town to visit a mutual friend, and so cannot say I know her well.
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Grandparents Maternal Side:
Grandad: ESTJ
Nana: INFJ
(theirs was not a happy marriage =/)

I can see how they`re marriage wouldnt have been happy.



granma ESTJ
granpa ? (he died when I was one year old, so I have no idea)

aunt ESFJ
cousin IS_P


granma ISFJ
granpa ?

I sorta cant type my half sister and some other relatives.