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  • Happy holidays and New Years. Its been such a year to remember only good things can happen here on in and let the New Years be that much better.
    DC how are you doing? Also what are you doing? And why are you doing what you are doing? :D

    Would you describe your logical intuition and your emotional intuition, is there such a thing? Do you analyse with your thoughts, have you ever analysed with your heart, is there a difference? I read somewhere that your from France, how do you like your country. Whats the best memory and worst memory you've had?
    that is exactly how it works for me. that link of yours sugest that Fi is about finding out how other people feel like by imagining how you yourself would feel like in the same circumstances. And Fe is about finding out what people mean by certain actions in a relationship context, right. I seem not to be able to do the first because I'm preoccupied with the latter. I have to make sure my behaviour is comform the norm and everyone is ok with me (out of shame exactly) before I can start caring for other peoples feelings and helping them and making relationships harmonious. Do you do that too? I wish i could skip the Fe stuff and do the Fi thing instead, it would make my life much more fullfilled!
    Yeah me too, more for the thoughts though. INFJ minds are fascinating places of introspection. Plus there are familiar friends around which is great too. And am trying to determine whether I'm more J than P after my stress clears, you never know.

    Personality wise I've been scratching my brain on that one for the kinds of lists and things I've done in the past. And the kind of thoughts I had too. Okay maybe not but still fun to think about.
    Hay DC, curiously talos, hows things? I suppose I tend to want a change of pace and go for a different state sometimes.
    Hey DC :) I love seeing your avatar, it's wonderful, I feel good every time I look at it. I can see Dneecey's post just below this text box, and I feel exactly what she described. Thanks! :)
    Every time I see your avatar I just want to smile, and be right there laughing with whoever that guy is. Thank you for always making me smile, however inadvertent it might be. :D
    hmm, I have been worrying about that post since last night, lol! I thought it was a bit to harsh, self-absorbed, or something :d
    What exactly did it than?? :)
    anyway, thanks for the rep!
    Last Dawn wishes that DefectiveCreative has a fabulous day and may peace be upon him:hug:
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