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  • Nope you are right. We never listen at that age. But we should still tell them just in case. Thanks for the friend request! :)
    No problem. Ill take any positive comments I can get, anywhere I can get them. Thanks.
    I agree, the World According to Garp is great too. The movies of Garp, Cider House Rules, and Owen Meany were all pretty good as well. I am so sorry you lost a lot of books when moving. I once lost all my photos from before the age of 18 during a move. I guess those things end up in the same place as the missing socks from the dryer!
    I actually haven't read that one. I think The World According to Garp and A Prayer for Owen Meany are my favourites. I started the Fourth Hand but ended up losing it with a lot of other books in a move :( Maybe I'll check that one out and see how it is for me.
    I just wish there was some way you could get help for it bud...least you can find some friends on here and if one of your rages comes on you'll have a bit of a buffer in the alternate communication process available here. Is good to meet you btw bud, hope to hear more from you :)
    I will go find that thread right away. Have not been able to be here much lately. Welcome!
    I am not very adept at this forum. Just wanted to let you know I answered your question in the ESTJ thread regarding % of ESTJs.
    I do see how the White Rabbit as Virgo would fit, too, now that you mention that. I don't know much about personality traits associated with zodiac signs. I only know some of the stories, like that Virgo is supposed to be the goddess of justice. But I do think White Rabbit fits as Virgo/the virgin. The coloring of his fur is symbolic enough as it is.

    Yes, Alice Liddell is who Dodgson wrote the stories for. =) At the end of Through the Looking-Glass, there is even an acrostic poem which spells out her name. Apparently, she was kind of like a goddaughter to Dodgson and they kept in touch with letters and such. Some few years after the publication of the first book, Alice stopped replying to his letters, though (she had grown up, gotten married, etc.), and then he wrote the second book. In my opinion, it has a bit more of a darker/melancholy tone, but that could just be me projecting other ideas onto the story.
    Hi WellNoWonder,
    We can't even talk about race in a non-racist way here? I just don't do PC. It has caused so much harm.
    couldn't help but notice it because I see a lot of women going through this shiznit. And the cultural differences were dead-on and thanks for bringing it up....cuz we can't talk about race on here...i'm feeling rather snarky today. but I get it, believe me.
    Hi underskies,
    I always kind of thought the Rabbit might be the Virgo, since he is so worried about being late, and Virgos are very punctual. Your pick of Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum as the Gemini twins is great.....I never even thought of it. I don't even know who Alice Liddell is. Is she the one he named Alice after?
    That is very clever, about your avatar. I know little to nothing about psychiatrics, in general, but I do find that it seems nearly everything is pegged as some sort of disorder, as if we're all expected to function exactly the same.

    I do love the caterpillar. The questions he poses at Alice... Anyway, I have read about the insertion of the zodiac signs into the stories. I haven't given it much thought because I never read much about Dodgson himself being that into the zodiac (although he may well have been, I just haven't come across much to aid my speculation). I've read a lot of weird speculation about his relationship with Alice Liddell and the "missing" diaries. That's another thing entirely. But back to the zodiac signs-- Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum as gemini, perhaps, although they are in Looking-Glass. Alice as virgo? She is so na
    You're welcome.

    As for me, I've always quite liked Alice. (I even named my cat Dinah, haha. I've always been a book nerd.) I think I just like (my interpretation of) the allegory in the story, the stuff about Alice trying to navigate Wonderland/the "adult world," and always related to her in that way when I was growing up.

    What about you? Do you fancy yourself like the cheshire, or is he simply a symbol to you of all that is Wonderland?
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