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  • Do you ever come here, pixie friend? Let me know if you see this.

    Awww :( Sounds like you've been having a rough time of it. Glad you're feeling better now. We don't celebrate US Memorial day here, but we did have a Bank Holiday, which meant an extra day off work. :)
    Hey :) I hope things go well for you, as you come to the end of your internship. How has it been? Do you get some time off after that? Things are okay with me, thanks for asking. I could do with a little more fun and socialising, so that the weekend isn't simply an uneventful pause in the monotony of working life. That's down to me to fix though - I just don't know how. Otherwise, I suppose life is just fine.
    Hello! Nice to see you :) Hope things are calmer for you now, unless you like busy of course. What's been happening?
    I like it. :) I sometimes wondered about counselling as a career. I wish you joy and success in yours :)
    Aww. She's lovely. I always wished I had some fairy friends. It's lonely being an elf, sometimes.
    Hello Pixie :) My vacation was very nice overall, thank you. Short, but filled with activity. Lots of sightseeing mostly. I enjoyed a lot of it and saw some beautiful things.
    Hey Pixie! Thank you for the Birthday greeting. Much appreciated! I'll be back from my trip in a couple of days time (Tuesday evening). Looking forward to catching up with you then. :) Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    Thanks Pixie. It's awesome to meet new people here and there's so much variety! It doesn't seem to ever get old running through all these wonderful characters.
    Hiyo and stuff! New girl on the forums. Ish so nice here! Just poking through people's profiles and meeting neat persons. You seem awful shy and interesting and such.
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