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What is your blood type?

What is your blood type?

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    Votes: 37 30.3%
  • B

    Votes: 19 15.6%
  • AB

    Votes: 8 6.6%
  • O

    Votes: 58 47.5%

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May 11, 2008
I was told since I was very young that my blood type was O negative, but when I was in high school I tested it as one of my biology labs and it came up B negative. I was so sure that the test was wrong that I had them prick me again and do the whole test over.
O pos
I don't know either. :noidea:
doo, doo, dee, doodeedoo, dee doo, dooooooOOO, deee, dooo, dooo, dooo
A positive because I give blood! 8D I was scared of needles too, so I did it to overcome that...

"To be is to do.

To do is to be.

Do be do be do.
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*wonders why Satya is collecting a database of blood types*

*hides under blanket*
Pretty sure Im O positive, but my memory sux so i could be totally wrong too
Does anyone know how to do the punnet square for O negative and positive blood types? Do you know if one is dominant over the other? I'm thinking that O positive is dominant because it is more common than O- and I know that those with O- blood can only accept O- blood and that O positive accepts both O types. I know how to figure out the probability of basic blood types using parental alleles but i'm not certain if I am O negative or positive (my parents are O- and O+). Of course I will not know for sure until I get my blood taken (ugh, needles) but I want to know the probability.

rh- is a resessive trait, so it'll be less common. For the punnett square, I know how to draw one, but not how to explain. It's inherited from one gene with two alleles.
Becuse your parents are rh- & rh+ you'll have 0-50% chance inheriting it. Since I don't know if your rh+ parent has one or two rh- alleles..
I honestly can't remember. It's not a rare type, I remember that much.

I can't give blood though :(

I've had two tick-borne diseases (Lyme Disease and Erlichiosis) and I have Epstein Barr Virus, which has been active.

Yeah Satya, what's with the blood type poll? You raising an army of picky vampires or something?

I've given blood before. Would I sound crazy if I told you guys I thought the experience was really really good? I really liked it it...it made me feel a little giddy as I sat there watching the bag fill up with my blood, lol. Not in a bad way, either.

I liked squeezing the little ball to make the blood come out faster. I know that's weird...but I really liked that feeling.

i donate blood any time i get the chance... i don't like needles though, but i endure it cause i know someone will need it...

and since i have a common blood type, i know that if i ever need blood myself, there would be a surplus...

i kinda feel bad for the rare blood types though... i can't imagine laying there on the table dying cause there isn't anyone around with that same blood type... yea, that would kinda suck...

oh, and i give platelet donations also...
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No idea ...
Thinking of giving blood soon. So might get to know then.
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I gave blood once but it didn't really go over well. I guess they put the tube in wrong, because hardly anything came out and it hurt quite a bit. It's made me bit nervous about going again, but I think I will the next time they come by my school.

My sister has AB-, which is the rarest type. She's had very low iron counts for years, though, since she's a vegetarian, so she's not qualified to give blood.