What are your personality turn off's?


What are your personality turn off's?

:m155: heh
Boring. I am rather quiet, and need an outgoing or full-of-life person to balance me out.
Thoughtless. I can't stand it when people do things that seem so rude and self-centered, and then wonder why it is your upset. Erggg.
Flat out mean. Some people say the most rude/hurtful things without a second thought. I think this could tie in with arrogance.
A lot of my own. :)
Inflexibility. Someone who knows they are right and will absolutely not listen to reason.
poor social/emotional listening skills
- When to simply listen, show support, or offer advice
- Being aware when they should listen and understand v. when they should speak
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When people don't have any dignity, who allow themselves to be pushed around and stepped on.
Cruelty, selfishness, lack of compassion, lack of affection, aggressiveness, lack of assertiveness.
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I'll stick to three for now:

* Arrogance :m155:

* Selfishness :m171:

* Cruelty :m072:
Traits that I can't stand~
Arrogance, over-aggression, two-faced, distant/cold.

Traits that annoy me~
Un-affectionate, timid and quiet (since I am myself), never taking anything seriously.
  1. Dependent/dogmatic thinking
  2. Uncreative
  3. Militant
  4. Demanding the following of their perceived social hierarchy
  5. Uneducated in the Aristotilian sense (can't entertain an idea he/she does not share)
  6. Aggressive/controlling of people when not combined with good reason for such (think ESTJ)
  7. Abhoring and fearing the unpredicted/uncontrolled/unknown
  8. Inability to disseminate good information from bad information (aka: people who watch Fox News and think they're getting actual information)
  9. Boring: wants to talk about insignificant crap
Honestly, I'm pretty tolerant of these things anymore. I don't hate or loath people with these traits, I just tend to avoid them and ignore them when I can.
:m131:fakeness, gives me a bad feeling insi
:m033:emotional manipulators, I'm the defender of the suppressed
:m129:people who can't stop talking about themselfs and never listen to me, grrrr it is boring and exhausting at the same time
timidity, but that is because I recognize a part of myself

but the list is long :becky: