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What are your goals?


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Dec 23, 2008
Exercise your J/Ni! List your short term, medium term, and long term goals.

Short term:
- Finish reading Wuthering Heights
- Keep programming for Project Euler
- Fix my sleep schedule (6:40 AM here, been up all night)
- Visit my choir teacher

Medium term:
- Adapt to University life
- Volunteer for a political campaign
- Get a driver's license (finally)

Long term:
- Figure out my major
- Write an undergrad thesis. Or two. (Or three...)
- Figure out whether to go to law school, med school, or a PhD program.
- ????
- No profit yet, just a mountain of debt.
Good idea! :)

Short Term
1. Finish AP summer work
2. Get driver's permit
3. Get a job
4. Also need to get my sleep patterns regulated (10/11pm to 6:30ish am)
That's really it here.

Medium Term
1. Graduate high school
2. Go to at least one voice acting workshop

Long Term
I don't really have any yet.
I don't have any concrete goals. I feel like my life is white water rafting.
Short Term Plans
1. Save money for August vacation trip
2. Make sure that my friend has a good time here in Mexico
3. Get ready for fall semester at New Mexico State University
4. Pay some bills
5. Apply for the group committee in my college

Med Term Plans


Long Term Plans
1. Graduate from college
2. Get a house on the beach
3. Start my own business on that beach :D
4. Learn Japanese and French
5. And the list goes on and on...
Short term-get better *has been stressed out and feverish*, write
medium term-learn parts of langueges,finish a painting,learn about electronics
long term-get a bunch of guinea pigs, finish college,become a history teacher
Short term

-Accumulate money and supplies

Mid Term

Survive the nuclear holocaust

Long Term

Get a wife and kids and achieve spiritual enlightenment
Short term

What is happening tonight/tomorrow?

Mid Term

What is happening next week?

Long Term

What is happening in a month?
Short Term

Do my job as much as I'm able
Take mini mental vacations to stay sane

Mid Term

Pay some overdue bills
Finish reading a good fantasy fic

Long Term

Complete a B.A. in Mathematical Sciences
Publish a work of fiction
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Two year plan basically is this:

-Driver's license in December
- Get a job to pay for car insurance and community college classes
- Take community college classes
-Get GED

And yeah, thats it.
Two year plan basically is this:

-Driver's license in December
- Get a job to pay for car insurance and community college classes
- Take community college classes
-Get GED

And yeah, thats it.

Hope it works out.
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I'm sure it will. It's nothing too ambitious.
1. Come up with some goals
2. Uh...
Short Term
1. Re-Enlist for Bonus and England.
2. Buy Kia Soul
3. Continue learning Chinese
4. Continue learning Poker

Medium Term
1. Find a good Warrant Officer and be friends from him/her.
2. Perform my job at a higher standard to gain trust and reccomendation to become a Warrant Officer from said person above.
3. Travel Europe (Probably includes snowboarding)
4. Being highly competent in Chinese
5. Being highly competent in Poker
6. Start learning Krav Maga or playing the piano.

Long Term
1. Become a Warrant Officer.
2. Being able to read, write and talk Mandarin Chinese at a interpreter level.
3. Play Poker at a professional level.
7. Being competent in either Krav Maga or playing the piano.
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I might have forgotten a few.

Short Term:
+ Eat (this resets itself every few hours :)).
+ Sleep (resets every day :)).
+ Get a job as an ochem tutor.
+ Do homework and go to the meetings I need to (again, resets ever day).
+ Buy the giant list of things I want/need when I get my paycheck on friday.

Medium Term:
+ Meet the ENTJ I have been talking to for months (It is going to happen, I no longer doubt it.).
+ Do well in all of my classes and tests.
+ Get something moving in the research lab.
+ Apply for a summer REU.

Medium/Long Term:
+ Apply for graduate school (somewhere in the northwest), and subsequently get in.
+ Narrow my field of study, and be open to it shifting away from ochem.
+ Get my masters degree.
+ Get my PhD.
+ Solidify a relationship.

Long Term:
+ Become a professer of organic chemistry at a university.
+ Resolve college debt.
+ Settle somewhere in the mountains of the northwest.
+ Find a true meaningful long term relationship.
Do the splits.
Run 5 k in 24ish minutes.
Do 10 pull ups in a row.

Get nursing degree
Work on career

Open bar/ resturant
Own banks
Take people for what they are worth.
Stop posting on forums.
Short Term:
Keep doin' what I'm doin'

Medium Term:
Do well in Chemistry & Biology

Long Term:
Attend NYCC
Get Doctor of Chiropractic Degree :)
I like this thread.

Short term:
1. Pick up all the books lying around and shelve them.
2. Clean my room.
3. Service my car.

Medium term:
1. Go through all my clothes and give away everything I don't regularly wear.
2. Get rid of furniture and appliances I never use.
3. Go through all my belongings and get rid of EVERYTHING I don't absolutely need.

Long term:
1. Find someone or a team of people who can replace me in my work.
2. Visit my few relatives.
3. Either move into some remote wilderness or a monastery and spend the rest of my life in silence meditating.
Short Term:
Get off the damn forums and go to sleep
Make my Japanese study cards
Paint my nails
Feed my mom's dog

Medium Term:
Orient myself to my surroundings with the new eyes I've gotten
Continue therapy and begin marriage counseling
Take the time to continue activities that are meaningful to me

Long Term:
Become a tattoo artist or independent clothing designer
Find true happiness
Kick Bulimia out of my life and never look back
Love myself
i don't have a short term ,mid term ,long term ,goal semi short term ,blah blah term whatever..... i have one goal and if i don't achieve it, it will cause me pain but i don't want to kill myself emotionally...... i don't care what happens next..... i'll do everything to achieve my goal.

oh and my goal is: to accept and be confident about who i am, what i have and my
(my other goals come along when i do accept myself)