What are your Folk Remedies?


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I've been interested in these kind of little herbal and such remedies for a while, but I don't know nearly as many as I would like. So, lets screw modern medicine! When you have aches and pains, what do you do?

I'll start with one I picked up recently. A good remedy for a tooth ache or pain in the gums is to get a clove, and just press it against the area of pain. if it starts to wear off, just bite it and quickly put it back in place. the stem works better than the bud.
When I am feeling sick, I personally eat different kinds of fruit for vitamin C and drink plenty of water. I then meditate and rally my body and focus anger upon the intruder that is the incoming sickness.

This seems to work quite well.
Regularly taking Omega-3 supplements, or eating fatty fish, is great for your memory, skin and mood.

My grandma and great grandma used to take bark off of white oak trees and boil it, and it was supposed to be a general tonic. I am fairly certain they had a still also, which worked wonders too.

Valerian roots for relaxation. Cranberry juice, straight up, to improve urinary tract health (can even cure urinary tract infections).

Generally eating well, and getting outside and moving around, and getting sunshine: the world's best antidepressant.
Vitamin B12 sublingual, B75 combination supplement, hoodia, Q10 enzyme + low carb, low fat diet, about 1200-1400 cal diet, daily walking to lose weight for those of us past the bloom of youth.
I like Valerian, but it reduces my heart to 48 bpm. 5 HTP for long term treatment of depression and anxiety.
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Appling painful pressure to the tendon under the webbing between your thumb and palm seems to ease headaches.
Green tea for fatigue.. The more one drinks, the better.

When I feel gross and exhausted a giant mug of it really seems to help.
sleep fixes most things and to fix insomnia, go for a long run.
i eat black sesame seeds everyday and they're AMAZING for growing healthy long hair
Omega 3's are wonderful! Eating lots of vegetables, drinking good water, lavender mixed with a base oil of some kind for all sorts of skin irritations. I could go on, but I don't want to kill anyone with boredom! XD
oh, please do go on!
i drink a heck lotta coke when I have a cough or sore throat
I also find this really interesting, 2understandme. I'd love to hear more. :)

This is not an herbal remedy, but I think sleep and adequate rest are tremendously underrated in our culture (and probably others, but I can't speak for those).
gee...NaeturVindur, i don't know if you are being truthful, or not. :m080: