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Oct 5, 2016
    1. This
      Happy birthday! :D
    2. fanatiic
      i love your soaps!!
    3. Raccoon Love
      Raccoon Love
      Happy Birthday :)
    4. arbygil
      Happy Birthday, dear heart! :mlove2:
    5. rawr
      happy birthday
    6. bamf
      Thanks for the rep!
    7. Puck
      Merry Christmas! :)
    8. Soulful
      Cool, a pharm assistant! What made you consider that?
      And I cringe writing this, but the job hunt is still going..
    9. Bored Now
      Bored Now
      Aw man thanks so much. Sorry i've been having computer issues and AOl sent your mail to my spam box.Its been doing that a LOT lately. So much hit home. I'll write in more detail tonight,I just wanted to say thank you muchly!
    10. Soulful
      Hey Shannon, sorry it's taken me a while to respond, I haven't been on lately.
      It sounds like teaching would be right up your alley! You have so much experience to offer.
      The job search is going well I think. I've applied to a good number of jobs, all close together so I am hoping that soon now I am going to hear back - keeping my fingers crossed!! I'll apply to a few more this week too, just to cover as many bases as I can. Thanks for asking :)
    11. Indie.J
      Sorry it's taken me a while to give you feed back on the report you gave me. I really enjoyed it though. I related to almost everything there. The only thing I disagreed with slightly was my diffculty in creatively expressing myself but even then I have had troubles actually showing other people my expressions of myself. Anyway, thanks again :D
    12. Bored Now
      Bored Now
      Sorry totally forgot! I am Saturn Returns suck, especially when it naturally squares my sun. (Daddy issues and self esteem problems much? Ha) Thank you muchly for taking the time
    13. Bored Now
      Bored Now
      ooooh would you do me? Here are my deets! Birthday 12/17/1979. 6:40 pm, West, Los Angeles. ca 118w27 34n03. I just got done with my NASTY Saturn Return on the 9th.

      U had this done before because I was sure I was an awful evil person and that's why my life sucks but the astrologer said no. and I'm not being punished for past crimes, just embracing hard lessons. I'm still convinced I was like a serial killer or something. Hee.
    14. Soulful
      Wow, yeah, leaving would be a huge change wouldn't it. Goodness, that's incredible. Do you work in maternity now? I thought I read that in a thread somewhere.. I remember the couple of baby baths I gave during my maternity rotation... dear god I was terrified! lol
      Let me know what you decide to do :) and all the best in making your decision. If you were to teach, where might you teach?
    15. Soulful
      Indeed, that is a spot between a rock and a hard place. I can appreciate wanting to stay in a familiar place, I know a little about starting anew, but, at the same time, your situation sounds toxic. Have you worked there for a long time?

      The job process is going slowly. I get really anxious/nervous about applying for jobs, to be honest, so I have been taking it slowly. But I've contacted a past reference to ask again/give a heads up, so hopefully I'll hear back soon and have that checked off my list. Now I need to go through the application process and hopefully, that will lead to desired outcomes. I have made note of a couple positions that I'm interested in.
    16. Soulful
      I know what you mean, the experience I've had as placements on floors and working some time in a hospital has enabled me to observe dynamics and personalities, so I really understand what you mean. The all-female work environment can be strange too.

      That's a difficult environment/team to work in. Is there any chance of it changing anytime soon?
    17. Soulful
      Yes, it's a degree... I'm surprised if it would take the place of experience (not complaining though!!). Also as of a couple of years ago, everyone's coming out with a degree, so I wonder if that impacts it in any way. Thanks so much for the tip though - I'll google it and go from there! I've been unemployed for some time and am starting to really NEED to get a job.

      How did you end up getting into nursing? Do you enjoy it?
    18. Soulful
      Ideally, public health. Do you know or think that they (or any place) would hire someone who's practically a new grad to work as a case manager?
    19. Soulful
      Yep, it was temporary. Thanks. I'm actually applying for jobs in the community..
    20. Soulful
      I'm between jobs right now, I graduated last year, but I'm in the gta :)
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