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  • It is a pleasure to meet you here. i hope you are doing great! We can be good friends , If you agreed with me, copy my e-mail address and write to me in (gladysevelyn_almahdi@hotmail.com) .I'm Gladys , I hope to read from you! then i will send you more of my pictures and tell you more about myself.thanks ,your new friend Gladys
    Hi;Was just thinking the same thing you-said in"about you" section about saying or doing what's true and what you really want,and that way you'll get known accurately.I hope this forum will be a place to ease up and enjoy interactions w/o much too much angst so as to be able to enjoy! H.
    oops. think i may have frightened you. whatever you like is fine, nothing at all is fine too
    why don't u give me your number so u can receive random call from creepy dude to brighten up your day
    I'm okay and...ugh, I'm winding up for a long night. Eight more hours awake! I can do it. I can totally do it. I may shoot myself, but i can do it!
    *runs over and bumps her nose against your leg.* Mew! Cat ambush lovings for no reason!
    Was interested. Not like... romantically... I'm rather depressed right now. May continue exploring you once/if my head resurfaces.
    I actually don't wonder too much of what you do here, as I have a fair idea of what kind of threads are around. I wonder about what you're up to when you're not here.
    Hi! I saw your avatar on some thread and thought that looked a lot like Chihiro & Haku. Then I looked at your intro thread and realized I was right! :D Spirited Away is awesome!

    Also, it's nice to meet you!
    That's the first cat I've heard of being named after a crab. How cute :D I'm good thanks. Hope your homework eases off soon :)
    Thought I'd drop by and say hi :) How are you? What is your oldest cat called?
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