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I am planning on graduating Summer or Fall 2011. Y

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Jul 3, 2010
    1. gladyzcab
      It is a pleasure to meet you here. i hope you are doing great! We can be good friends , If you agreed with me, copy my e-mail address and write to me in (gladysevelyn_almahdi@hotmail.com) .I'm Gladys , I hope to read from you! then i will send you more of my pictures and tell you more about myself.thanks ,your new friend Gladys
    2. Renaissance
      Hi;Was just thinking the same thing you-said in"about you" section about saying or doing what's true and what you really want,and that way you'll get known accurately.I hope this forum will be a place to ease up and enjoy interactions w/o much too much angst so as to be able to enjoy! H.
    3. Feelings
      oops. think i may have frightened you. whatever you like is fine, nothing at all is fine too
    4. Feelings
      why don't u give me your number so u can receive random call from creepy dude to brighten up your day
    5. Feelings
      hughughug :hug:
    6. Chessie
      I'm okay and...ugh, I'm winding up for a long night. Eight more hours awake! I can do it. I can totally do it. I may shoot myself, but i can do it!
    7. Chessie
      *runs over and bumps her nose against your leg.* Mew! Cat ambush lovings for no reason!
    8. 2understandme
    9. Feelings
      Was interested. Not like... romantically... I'm rather depressed right now. May continue exploring you once/if my head resurfaces.
    10. 2understandme
      study, sleep, work, talk to friends, eat, drink....why do you wonder what i am up to?
    11. Feelings
      I actually don't wonder too much of what you do here, as I have a fair idea of what kind of threads are around. I wonder about what you're up to when you're not here.
    12. Feelings
      Yes it's typical of INFJs to quietly observe. Wonder what u get up to.
    13. Milon
      Hi! I saw your avatar on some thread and thought that looked a lot like Chihiro & Haku. Then I looked at your intro thread and realized I was right! :D Spirited Away is awesome!

      Also, it's nice to meet you!
    14. Puck
      That's the first cat I've heard of being named after a crab. How cute :D I'm good thanks. Hope your homework eases off soon :)
    15. Puck
      Thought I'd drop by and say hi :) How are you? What is your oldest cat called?
    16. Raccoon Love
      Raccoon Love
      It is indeed a good song, I am glad your enjoying it!
    17. 2understandme
      Thank you, I just may take you up on that!
    18. Puck
      That's good! :D Feel free to drop by my page for a cup of tea any time :)
    19. 2understandme
      Hello! I do in fact feel welcomed :D
    20. Puck
      Hello and welcome :)
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    I am planning on graduating Summer or Fall 2011. Y
    I grew up in the mid Atlantic states, so I have a love hate relationship with snow. I was in the Army for 6.5 years (Thank you Mr. Stop Loss). I have been married and divorced more than once. I have been in emotionally abusive relationships most of my life (although not currently). Some days I do not enjoy writing, today is one of them. As you can see from my age, I am a non-traditional college student. Fun Stuff. As most, if not all people who are on this forum understand....I want to be in a meaningful relationship. Emotionally connected and all that jazz.

    Why did I share so much about myself on here?

    I don't do it in real life, I find people to be extremely judgmental. I figure if I'm going to be honest with people about whatever it is they are wondering about, then at least they should have the option to know where I am coming from. My past clearly shapes my views on life and opinions I have. Sometimes I may get really upset or offended. Knowing these things about me will remove some of the fog. If you find me to be too open and don't want to converse, then don't. It's not like that has never happened before!
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    My perseverence
    My camera (someday soon I hope to buy a new one)
    My oldest cat
    Memories that I hold onto, so as to never make those mistakes again
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Seriously misunderstood, often conflicted, wanderer
    I am a full time college student, majoring in one those areas that INFJ's are supposed to do well in (not the reason I chose it though). I currently work in retail, part time. I have an ex-boyfriend, with whom i still live with for the time being. I am inept when it comes to comma usage, but I do enjoy writing.

    I enjoy photography
    I enjoy being outdoors


    My Results, showing I am ISTJ, or as Raccoon Love told me, an INFJ under STRESS!!!

    Se 21.3....Si 37.6...Ne 29.9...Ni 31.9...Te 33.8...
    Ti 22.5...Fe 31.7...Fi 30.7...

    I'll take it again another day....