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Oct 21, 2009
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I want to live! And eat.At 30+ my goals are re

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Jan 10, 2010
    1. WellNoWonder
      The state of Winding Tolls. Hey, at least distance travelling is ... Ohio is close enough...:D
    2. WellNoWonder
      I was told you are a Michigander. I am really excited there are a few of us here, though I appear to be the only female thus far.
    3. dneecey
      Voila! I love that word. :D You make it sound so easy. But of course that's what you do, so..

      Anyway, what kind of restaurant do you have? It seems pretty interesting so if you ever feel like chatting and I'm around, say hi. :)
    4. dneecey
      Well, I can kind of see what you mean. With most of my friends I feel the need to be protective and I am so in tune with everyone's emotions that I do my best to make everyone comfortable. When a lot of my friends and I are together in a group, I do my best to make everyone at ease. Usually this causes me to take charge.

      However, when I am with my very best friend, Nikki, I don't really have that problem. She is amazing and always has good ideas of things to do. So with her, I can just let go. It's nice to have someone like that in life, you know. A lot of my friends play the whole, "Well, I don't know what do you want to do?" game, and then I feel forced to make a decision, all the while worried I made the wrong choice..... :)

      Anyway, I see you manage a restaurant, and you enjoy cooking. I have occasionally fantasized about opening a restaurant... but well... I wouldn't even know where to start. Today, while making dinner, I tried to play the scenario out in my mind and I got stuck at creating a menu... :) LOL.
    5. bamf
      Thanks for the rep!
    6. dneecey
      Thank you. I got my face painted when I went to a festival in Germany. It was my last festival there and I was feeling... festive I guess.. :)

      Are you often looked to to be "in charge" because you're capable of making decisions and sticking to them. It's funny because even though I'm usually the introvert of my groups, my friends still always put me in charge. It's rare I just get to sit back and enjoy the ride. Maybe that's another reason why I don't like driving. :wink: It gives me an excuse not to hold the reins..

      Your avatar is nice as well. In fact I like all of the pics in your albums.
    7. dneecey
      Lol. How do they feel about it? I'm sure they just feel like wingmen, right?

      My friends are usually just happy I'm willing to go out, that they don't mind being my comfort blankets. :)

      I really like your screen name by the way.
    8. sookie
      I like your cool blue web-page. It is very nice! Thanks for the rep!
    9. sookie
      I am sorry that you felt offended by my post. It was not my intention at all
    10. bamf
      I really like your viewpoints. Maybe we should start a thread where we can openly talk about these things sometime. I agree with a lot of your posts (I'm just afraid to derail the questioning belief thread)
    11. sookie
      Thank you! It is an honor to be your friend. When I see your posts I see someone whose judgement and opinion I 100 pecent respect. Thank you!
    12. midnightmelody
      Otay. It just startled me, haha. I think my right-brained-ness associates all the members so strongly with their avatars, that any changes or any that sticks out is like *WHOA*.

      Like when I scan avatars, I intuitively know when they aren't an infj. Or something like that.
    13. midnightmelody
      why are you green now?!
    14. sookie
      Thank-you so much for the reputation point. That was very kind of you!
    15. Morgain
      yeah right on!!! It is really funny! It is like people are so used to us being selfless and compliant that they don't allow is to stand up for ourselfs for ones in our lifes, or something like that :-)
    16. Morgain
      "I'm pretty much the same way. I still cringe about things I did when I was 5 years old!" YES me too! And other people still blame me for things I did 5 years ago. Last one of my friends revived something in a really accusatorial manner something 5 years ago. And actually, that was one of the few moments that I stould up for what I wanted for a change, grr! :-)
    17. Wyote
      I'm glad you understand and appreciate it!
    18. Barnabas
      hey thanks for the comment
    19. Morgain
      I really enjoy reading your posts on the forum, thanks a lot :kiss:
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    I want to live! And eat.At 30+ my goals are re
    I like Biographies, yes. :) Enough of mine is in the other section though.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    What would be your epitaph?:
    So a man walks into a bar with a Poodle under one arm and a two foot salami under the other....
    I manage my restaurant in farm town USA. I love cooking and doing my best to create a great food experience! It's like being an artist, but you get to make your best pieces over and over! I both love and hate talking with tons of people throughout the day, depending on how I am feeling that day. 95% of the time I feel good, so I like my job. It helps that my employees are all good people whom I love working with.

    I feel that I am fully INFJ not only because I consistently test that way, but also because the primary attributes of INFJ are things that I discovered in myself before I ever knew about MBTI. Learning what this meant has really thrown a ton of light on why my mind/heart works the way it does, and has helped me realize that I am not 'messed up' but actually just a rare breed!

    I chose my name because it says a lot symbolically about how I feel about myself when I am at my best.

    Reading, Laughing, Talking, Cooking. I like to hang out with my best friend in the world.