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"True love exists." True or False?

Does true love exist?

  • Yes, most definitely

    Votes: 26 70.3%
  • Umm . . . maybe

    Votes: 3 8.1%
  • No, but you never know

    Votes: 4 10.8%
  • No, end of discussion!

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  • Yeah, like the Easter Bunny & Santa Claus

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I've always thought that the definition of true love meant a 'one' true love, meaning that love is exclusive and can only occur once or something like that.

I think that, like I've explained previously, love is just a combination of factors that mesh well together. If personality, path in life, among a few other things including sexuality match, that can be love for two people. They will feel like a fit. I just think that, like friends, as people age they grow out of lovers and people and that stating there is only one person out there for you seems a bit unrealistic, especially for what I look for. I think that someone needs multiple partners in their life.

I am also just confused upon what makes any love more 'true' than the other love. Love it just commitment and working together to keep something working. It isn't perfect, and 'true' sometimes implies perfection.

+1 for me. My love builds over time, I can be infatuated, but I don't believe that is love. But if I haven't experienced real "true love," then I wouldn't know.
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I think 'true love' exists because I simply don't see it as an emotion. Falling in love is uncontrollable, you can tell yourself you're not falling for someone, but by acknowledging the thought that you might be and then you talk yourself out of it, proves that you in fact are falling in love.

But I define falling in love and love as two very different things. The first being uncontrollable, the second being completely controllable. To me, love (or true love in this case) is a conscious choice that you will yourself to do. Nowhere does it say you have to love someone unconditionally, but when you accept someone exactly how they are, faults and all, and love them anyway, you're making a choice to do so.

That's why I voted that it does exist, because love is a choice. You don't have to 'truly love' someone, but the option always remains.

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I love someone with everything I have to offer. Even though it is limited, I consider it true.
I was cynical and did not believe love existed for most of my life, now I believe simply because I've watched The Princess Bride too much and nothing will squash my dreams of romance and adventure! NOTHING!
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Anyways, on the true love bit, well, I like to think it exists, but lately I've been questioning everything so I suppose I don't have an immediate answer. As long as two people are trying their hardest to live up to their code of love, then it is possible (in this I am saying that love is personal, not that people should do whatever they want just because they believe in it). But true love seems like something very difficult to achieve unless you are very open to connecting yourself that deeply with a person. I feel as if true love can be rewarding if you are willing to allow yourself to be that incredibly vulnerable--as for me, I would like the benefits, but I'm not so sure I can take the bad with the good.
It know it exists because I've never felt it. Never felt it because I've never been with a truly compatible woman. I know it exists because I can picture my truly compatible woman and I know I would love her unconditionally, and truly.
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That wouldn't be very loving now would it? :m145:

Anyway, good topic, one of my favourites. mf pretty much hit the nail on the head for me. Love is a choice, not an emotion. This is why, IMO, love does not hurt.
My answer is yes, which also makes it so. It's one of those things that only work that way.
I do believe that there's someone out there for everyone. Sometimes it takes a long time to meet him/her and sometimes you've to meet a few wrong ones to meet the right ones, but you will meet that person. Would I call that true love? I don't know
I don't believe in the idea of a single "fated" lover. I don't believe that true love is exclusive. I don't believe that true love has to be like a fairy-tale.

I do believe that true love is a real connection, a real kinship of souls, that allows someone to really love to their full potential.
My question is, is love the same for everyone? Fact is, there are many who live the fairytale, and many who don't. Even more, each person's idea of love is very different. What is love for one, is simply admiration, comfort, or settling for another. So, who decides what is "true love"? To say love is one thing or another is to limit the understanding of love and put an objective label on something which is subjectively experienced.

Love is and love does, does it not? :m083: *methinks my head hurts from all this thinking*
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Then again, who's to say that "true love" is not subjective to the person as well? :D

That's why I like the idea that true love is simply being able to love to the best of the person's ability.
Then again, who's to say that "true love" is not subjective to the person as well? :D

That's why I like the idea that true love is simply being able to love to the best of the person's ability.

Exactly. Quite agree.