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The Texting Habits of an INFJ?


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Dec 10, 2009
I'm being a bit silly here, but I just thought of this because I do 4-5 things at once while at my desk, texting one of them. And I wasn't going to post this because I was thinking, "they'll think this is stupid": momentarily forgot what forum I'm on..

I can end a conversation abruptly with two words, not ever "good" and "bye"
I can carry on several in depth texting conversations at once.
I tend not to abbreviate.
I really "lol" and I just don't put it there as a habit.
I start saving drafts once i run out of space in one message, and then send them once i'm done with the complete thought.

am i just textually obsessed and alone here? :becky:
No...I will text almost always as my primary form of communication...I too will carry on indepth convos through text...I have a full qwerty on my phone so I dont abbreviate either...

<3's texting
I HAAAATE texting. Absolutely abhor it. I hate receiving them and I hate replying to them. But then, I'm older than most on this board too. It might be more of a generational thing.

I also have Pay-as-you-go and a regular, ordinary cell phone that does nothing special. :)
As I refuse to call people as long as I don't really have to.. I text most of the time! I know it's kind of a bad habit but.. I might even respond with a text message if people call me and I couldn't answer my phone in time, instead of calling back. I know, it's bad.

I start saving drafts once i run out of space in one message, and then send them once i'm done with the complete thought.

Lol, I do that too.
hah, I concure...

I text a lot actually, Grasshopper could confirm how indepth my texts can get. I will darn near write a book sometimes. Yea, I guess I'd rather not talk on the phone, so texting is my preffered way to connect.
Aha. I love texting. :m055:
I tend not to abbreviate as well [I don't see the point, and I despise when people do it, especially ones with unlimited texting. I mean, come on. Unlimited is unlimited. Just type the damn word.]
Anyway. Yes, I prefer texting over phone calls. My phone calls usually last under a minute, but with texting, I can go on for hours. However, when I see no point or if the conversation bores me, I tend to just stop replying altogether.

I like texts. They make my day, more often than not. <3
I text and type nearly exactly the same as I speak. I try to keep my communication as universal as I can. Of course I have to shorten my texts cause they will get long, but I will not often change how it would come across in person.
I do MOST of my communicating via texting, prefer texting over talking unless I really need to talk to someone. Bought an Iphone for this purpose lol
I do MOST of my communicating via texting, prefer texting over talking unless I really need to talk to someone. Bought an Iphone for this purpose lol
:m204: I love my IPhone!
Yeah, I hate it when I get a phone call. Sometimes I'll sit there and intentionally not answer my phone.

I will however, like a majority of people said in this thread, text entire conversation that might span an entire day. I almost never abbreviate and avoid using 'lol' unless it actually made me laugh. Sometimes my texts will spill out over 7 or 8 messages.

You should all start texting me (okay, maybe not seeing as how I'm not comfortable handing out my number over the interweb, and I'd rather not receive all the nuddie pics I know you're all dying to send me)

But yeah, I do enjoy texting.
Classic! See

What's weird is, I would NEVER text before. EVER. I hated it. And I rarely answered the phone. I would send everyone to VM and then return calls selectively.

I only started texting because my nieces would send them to me all day long and then get on my case (via text) when I wouldn't respond.

I still send people to VM regularly. The phone brings out all of my weirdness x 5. I prefer texting and am less likely to put my foot in my mouth....

We communicate better through written word anyway.
I text all the time. I generally hate talking on the phone with fiery passion, and texts are so useful for just quick questions and what not. However, I am odd (compared to infj's) in that I prefer face-to-face communication over texting. Most of my texts are either arranging meeting somewhere, or talking because its inconvenient to physically talk.

As for my habits in texts, they are very much like my natural speech, except more thought out. I don't abbreviate anything except for "Ok" [not "k"] and the occasional "lol."
my texts tend to be rather long. its actually rarer that my texts fit into one text. thankfully, my phone automatically saves those drafts and sends then all at once.
I prefer texting to talking for the most part - it's easier to keep the conversation casual/light that way. For more in-depth things I prefer to use voice, though, as little things seem to get lost during texting.

And I never abbreviate, even on a T9 phone. "lol" generally means the same as "heh" to me, if I am sending it. I do use smilies copiously, though...
I don't really care for texting much. It's painful enough already that most of my IMing is occurring on my phone right now. I don't abbreviate and I generally don't use smilies outside of IMs.
I don't really. It's kinda awkward with the keyboard on the phone i have. And i'm just not a texter. I prefer talking over the phone compared to anything else. It's not face to face, and i love the immediacy of voice communication. I think texting forces me to have to shorten or water down my thoughts. I'd rather write out my thoughts completely. And the screens on a phone are usually too small to see everything you're typing, so that also makes it difficult.
I prefer actually talking to the person on the phone. You can pick up the other person's voice and how they are feeling much easier.