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Telepathic (and such) dreams?

I get these all the time. I have been in three car accidents. I've had visions or dreams before each of them. the last one, i woke up in the morning and said out loud to myself "I am going to wreck my car today." it was pretty creepy because i was supposed to go the racetrack that day. and yes, in one of the sessions I was going about 85mph and the person in from of me started to spin and i couldn't avoid him. I hit him in his drivers door. my air bags popped and the car was totaled. when the paramedics got to me i was so calm they didn't believe that i was the one in the accident. I told them it was cause "i knew it was going to happen".

Every time I have a change. Job change or a new girlfriend i usually have a dream about it. my new job dreams have been pretty vivid. places i've never been before are very detailed in my dreams. the GF dreams, I'm usually not able to see the girl i just know it is a girl and what we would be doing. i usually think its just a serious case of Dejavu.
I have those dejavu dreams that are faint like everything else that i dream about. I usually forget my dreams within 24 hours of dreaming it. When the real even happen, i have this hint of "Have i gone through this before?" I don't really give it another thought after that. It only happened a few time and recently.
Wow! Validation is teeming on this site, where have you been all my life???!!!

When I tell my therapist about my psychic abilities, he doesnt really carry them to be explored, but I know what I know and when I have episodes of freaky coincidence, nothing can explain it.. What gets me worse is the instinctual happenings, stuff that I should say aloud prior to the event i 'see' but i don't.. I wish I could choose to voice the correct precog stuff and not my assumptions (story in my mind) - because there would be no doubt that I, being an Intutive person can recieve info from someplace else..

My last hopsital admission, for example; I met a patient who was from Poland, we got talking and I told him I used to live in the US, in fact, I used to work with this one fella who was from Poland, we became the best of friends, unfortunately he fell into heroin and went back 'home' to recover, the time between Pete leaving for Poland and me talking about him (in the hospital) was about 4 years of zero contact.

The following day I was released to go home from hospital and guess what? 'Pete' had connected to me via facebook and got in touch! - What happened there? did I listen to his intention or he mine?

Our thoughts are like radiowaves, you can measure the brains frequency and see when a coherent thought is being produced. Fine tuned are our bodies, we're like a global cell antenna, capable of picking up things miles away; perhaps the foreign places in our dreams are reals places on earth and in our dreams we help the real people with their insight?... My small theory.

I Love this site!!!!
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Wow! Validation is teeming on this site...
Our thoughts are like radiowaves, you can measure the brains frequency and see when a coherent thought is being produced. Fine tuned are our bodies, we're like a global cell antenna, capable of picking up things miles away; perhaps the foreign places in our dreams are reals places on earth and in our dreams we help the real people with their insight?... My small theory.

I Love this site!!!!

Our thoughts are like radiowaves, you can measure the brains frequency and see when a coherent thought is being produced. Fine tuned are our bodies, we're like a global cell antenna, capable of picking up things miles away; perhaps the foreign places in our dreams are reals places on earth and in our dreams we help the real people with their insight?... My small theory.
I Love this site!!!!

I love what you wrote!
it's quite true! I remember hearing about an experiment where special brain monitors can record the activity in the brain of just looking at an object and producing the same results when imagining the object, subjectively creating the question of who 'sees'? the eyes or our brain? - powerful stuff to consider, especially when we can pick up the phone to call a friend only to find they're on the other end of the line already.. Radiowaves operate on megahertz and frequancy modulation, cells on a gigahert band, along with satellite transmissions. Brainwaves go deeper than that to an almost undetectable range...

Pidgeons have in their beaks/brain magnetite to allow them to find their way home, so do humans, we know where north is (most of the time) without looking at the sun - orient yourself and you will pretty much face north after some temporary spinning around... it is in the reptilian part of our brain (the oldest and most primitive)

If this function exists, then IMO we are something more fantastic and it's that psychic part i'd love to tame, send me something oh pirate of the sky! - Powerball, here I come baby!!
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I have no problem being referred to as a seer. Being a Christian I realize this as one of the gifts of the Spirit and visions and prophesy are part of my christian experience. I know many of you are not religious and anti christian but never-the-less this gift, ability or what ever you want to call it is a spiritual experience whether christian or other. It defies atheistic and humanistic thinking as there is no natural way this phenomena could function apart from there being spiritual forces. I am glad I'm INFJ, have this gift an am spiritually aware it makes my faith more resolute because my experience is testament if not only for me.
You all seem to actually like your abilities, for the most part. I hate mine, especially right now. I'm so sick of it, and at points it has driven me almost to madness. I sometimes get paranoid there's more to it, like some sort of 'curse' (for want of a better word).

I hypothesized with my guy friend that people may have more of either negative or positive 'energy' (god, that sounds so campy, I'm sorry) around them, and for those who have negative, which I surmised could be me, the results are miserable.

I'm also sick of electronic stuff busting around me all the time. I have no idea how much we've spent on delicate computer parts by now. It's really depressing, whether or not it's a fluke.

To top it all off is the fact that it's so disputed. I won't conclude anything either way, but the evidence, anecdotal or not, seems pretty valid and oddly common.

Ech, what a downer of a first post back on the board. Chalk it up to a particularly bad summer, winter blues (already) and a lingering case of PMDD! Glad to see this thread getting more attention, though; i'll have to come back later and give it a better read-over.
As far as dreams go, I'm with SoDistant, in that I tend to forget them and then later something will happen, and I'll get the distinct deja vu feeling that I dreamed it before, but I can never really remember exactly when.

And as far as direct telepathy, I don't really get that too much.

But I do get those little snap/flash experiences where I just know things. Like one time when I was in LA, and I called my girlfriend in NYC, and the call went straight to voicemail, and I instantly knew she was on a flight to LA for a surprise visit, and when she got there I had to act surprised... Or one time when I was walking down the street daydreaming and all of a sudden I stopped dead in my tracks, and as the question "why did I just stop?" was forming in my mind some bird crap fell about 6 inches in front of my face. I woulda caught it right on my head had I been walking.

And yeah, those times when you just know you're going to run into somebody, maybe not exactly who, but someone, and you do...

Any of you who were saying you feel like you've you've already lived through this before, check out my post in the Time thread, and let me know what you think. (Not the long one about how time doesn't exist, but the one about the slinky.)
Oh, I almost forgot...

All this stuff we're talking about here is, in a way, passive. Either dreaming things before they happen, or all of a sudden knowing someone's feelings or thoughts, it's all stuff that we receive.

Have any of you had any experiences that went the other way, where you actively made something happen? In the "what's your sign?" thread I said a little something about an experience I had with Tarot cards, where I consciously chose the card I was going to pick out of the deck, and I did. Whaddya think? Can we do things like that, or was it just coincidence? (I didn't try to replicate the experience for fear that I would fail and ruin the magic of the moment. Bad science, I know.)

I feel like it was real. I mean, I didn't just half-heartedly repeat a verbal mantra in my head that "I'm going to pick such-and-such card." I had the image of the card in my mind, but I tried to reach out without using any words or language, using brain and heart energies, right into the deck and connect with the card, and let nature take it's course in uniting us. And it seemed to work.
Oh ya had lot's of dreams and visions. It is a very interesting experience to see them come true. There was another thread on here that was kinda like this a while ago along the same lines. I think it was do people listen to your advice. Sometimes when I pray very deeply I feel like I am in another place. And my internal dialog is with "god" atleast that is what I call it it could just be me. But I feel a very powerful urge to take the advice. I went against it last year and found out the hard way. I don't doubt my prayer voice anymore. Deep down I am very spiritual most people just don't know because I keep it too my self.
I too get weird dreams like these, usually once a year at a certain period of time I end up getting dreams that seem to play out or have the same symbols in real life that are expressed in the dream.
Story of my life...

Oh syncronicities, you drive me up the wall, but they are oh so nesscerry.
I was just thinkng today to start just this thread - glad I looked around first.
I started having the dreams that come true later in my early teens. The first time it happened it scared the living hell outta me. Since then I have had many more experiences of dreams coming true months, even years later. I now keep a journal to 'prove' it when it happens. I wonder if 'how' you dream is tied in. I am one of very very few people I know who dream vividly,in full color, sound, smell, etc. My dreams are rarely disjointed pieces, but whole stories in incredible detail of the breadth of a mini series.
There is quite a time lag between my seeing and it actually happening, months up to a year and a half. Except when it comes to dates. You know when they ask those stupid 'what year did this happen' Q's on tv or radio? If I am not paying particular attention, I will just blurt out the date, before they give the options and with not having heard the question, and it is right, but never works when I actually try. This has happened over 50 times so far - wish I could do it for the lottery!!

Ever focused on something, or someone, and then a short time later that thing or person is there? LIke all of a sudden your thoughts turn to an old classmate, and then an hour or day later, they call or email? I play with this all the time. My favorite is the totally random like a tomato in winter. I'll focus on that, I imagine sending out streamers for it, and later that day or the next BAM ther it is - on the side of a truck, or a bulliten board where it would not normally be.

But my favorite 'game/experiment' has to do with cars. Like I'll have 5 cars in front of me and we are coming up on a turn... I'll tell my husband "the 1st, 3rd, and 4th cars will turn the rest will go straight" I am rarely wrong. Drives him nuts. I've played with license plates, but with a bit less success.
Wish my empathy skills were better. I can't read people. But I am unusually tied in with my best friend, who for some time lived 4 hours away. There were many times when I either knew she was about to call or I needed to call her - usually she had just had a blow out with her deadbeat boy friend. When her mother died of a heart attack unexpectedly at 49, I knew. I swear I heard her pain. I called her wanting to know what the hell had just happened, what was going on, - she was on the other line and had JUST gotten the news minutes before I called.

It is reassuring to hear of similar stories and experiences!
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Oh, and do you ever get the little voice? like a thought that seems so inconsequential until you see the purpose of it? For example, it is usually incredibly mundane for me. I'll be heading out of the house and "think" should take the camera or some other random item I don't always keep on me. If I don't listen, I regret it. Everytime. I always think - jeez shoulda listened. Now I do much more frequently. Has saved me a lot of hassle.
My experiences have mellowed over time, and my dreams are more symbolic than anything else - but they happen from time to time. I'm glad they don't happen that often, now.

I'll give you one example of one of my dreams I had in my 20s. Like you, enigma, when I remember my dreams they're extremely vivid and full of sensory details. I remember this dream really well. I was in an airplane, and we were landing in Los Angeles. But we were landing in a war zone - or better yet, a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The LA airport tower was partially destroyed and there was *no one* around. Everyone on the plane was crying, and I was too. We all wandered around the city, but all we saw was destruction and the end of something horrific. There were no people that we saw, and a feeling of abject heaviness was in the air. We were all full of despair.

I actually woke up from my dream crying.

One week later, the LA Riots took place after the beating of Rodney King.

Coincidence? Maybe. The problem is, when I have these strong dreams they always mean something, and there is a connection with something in the real world. I have less apocalyptic dreams now (I could write a book about my reoccurring dreams - I have at least ten reoccurring ones). But when I was very young, my dreams were extremely accurate. I "knew" things were going to happen up to five minutes before they occurred. I could tell you what time it was without a watch, down to the minute. And like you, I could predict what cars would do on the freeway, what people would say, and what the weather would do. It was kind of creepy - and it's mellowed over the years.

Right now, the gift has become more "prophetic" if that makes sense. When certain things start happening in the world, I listen to that still, small voice telling me about the connections of things in the world. It's difficult for me to explain to people, but it happens.

I take it as a God thing. *Shrugs.*
I guess I have a different view on mine. Working with horses for over 2/3's of my life has sort of refined whatever it is that I have. I have an acute sense of danger, not paranoia, but I get these 'vibes' you might say about situations, like a psychical reaction that makes my bones hurt. I really would rather not go into details, but it has saved my skin in the past. Beyond that, I read people almost scarily well (quoted here). I can assess a person in the first few moments, minutes, and build up their background without having to dig. My first instincts have never been wrong. I've never really had premonitional dreams, but mine are vivid, and all encompassing- like a fantasy novel.
My little inner voice, which is usually a commentary on the motivations and next moves of those around me, is never wrong either.

But I don't view any of this as a sort of telepathy, for me its... a survival mechanism. I need to asses danger for horses, read people because of reasons unstated, and it all evolved into this.
Wow, reading this has made me feel a lot better! I have had a lot of the same things you guys are talking about.

Two things in my life top the list of 'strange events'

The first I was just walking in the halls of my highschool and suddenly I felt very disoriented and for about five seconds I was watching myself walk from above. I'm not even sure what triggered it, but it's the only time it ever happened.

The second I was lying in bed and the ceiling above me was rippling like the surface of water. Suddenly this hand reached out from it and grabbed at me. I screamed and hid under the blankets and started yelling at my friend to wake up (she was sleeping over) but she did not budge. When I finally peeked out of the blankets there was the face of an old, sinister man, smiling at me. It eventually disappeared but the ceiling kept rippling.

Now, I've never had a hallucination before that time, and since then no more have occurred, which is why I'm not willing to believe this is just something health related. At the time there was nothing that could have caused it; it wasn't very late at night, I was well rested, I wasn't taking any medications. So it's all very odd.

There are some little things too, like knowing who is calling before I pick up the phone, or having 'feelings' about things or people that if I go against I truly regret it later. Vivd dreams have been with me my entire life; and I love it. I get a lot of inspiration from them and often they are highly symbolic and help me to better understand myself. If I know someone well I can finish their sentences; my closest female friend and I barely have to speak to each other. Anyone else experience this?

I also have had the Deja-vu feeling my entire life, and every once in a while I get this feeling that everything around me isn't quite real, but masking something else. A bit weird, I know. Have any of you ever gotten 'vibes' from a certain place or a person? There's a side of town where I live that seemed innocuous enough on the outside but when I'm there it feels like an oppressive weight on me. I found out later that it's the oldest part of town.

Or how about close calls? I can't count the number of times I have come THIS CLOSE to getting hurt, but I never do.

I haven't ever touched a Quija board. I'm kind of afraid; I know it would work too well with me.
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I get those sometimes; not super often, but more than most people.

Actually, about two minutes ago I was sitting here working on a poem we were assigned with my computer and a book open next to me in my dorm room.

It was a exactly like the dream I had at least a year ago, before I even knew about this dorm, except in the dream it was a lot dimmer (but that's a trend in all of my dreams, so who knows?).
I once dreamt I was having dinner in a public place (like a pub or similar). As I glanced across the table in front of me I saw a guy who looked around my age, an older lady, a grey-haired man next to her, and then a little girl next to him.

The guy in my dream was tall, quite good looking, with very short black hair. I remember dreaming and thinking that he was a friend of mine. Yet, despite the striking resemblance, something in me KNEW it wasn't him. So in my my dream it was a constant "it's's NOT's it's not!" kind of thing going on.

I woke up, really confused. I had a strong image of this guy in my head and I couldn't work out who it was. The fact that he looked SO similar to my friend meant that the confusion stayed in my mind.

Around six months later my family and I travelled down south to visit family. We visited some relatives I'd never met, and we all went out to dinner. At one point, when I was eating I glances across the was EXACTLY like my dream. I saw the guy (my cousin), I saw the lady (my aunty), I saw the man (my uncle) and the little girl (another cousin). It felt as if all the noise in the pub subsided considerably, and the glance across the table was played in slow motion.

I dreamt this before the trip was even planned. Another thing I particularly noticed in the dream was the guy's short hair. When I met this guy, my aunty was quick to tell us about his hair...that a week before we came it was so nice, but his mate shaved some of it off at a party, so he had to get a really short cut. So not only did I dream about having dinner with them, I focussed on the hair too...

There are other things, but I won't bore you all :p
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