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Glimpse the ineffable, express the inexpressible,

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    Glimpse the ineffable, express the inexpressible,
    Hotherym was born to a destitute Minnesotan family in 1981. By the summer of 1983, she and her questionable entourage of five entities founded the new wave country glitch band, 'Frankie Beerweiner and the Tardigrades'.

    In early 1988, the sextet enjoyed a sudden bout of unprecedented global success with the release of their first and only hit single, 'Shut Up,' from the debut album 'Verb My Noun All Night Long'. Its pandemic popularity could never be fully accounted for.

    Despite having tasted undue fame and veneration, the group abruptly disbanded in 1991 to pursue different, and totally illogical, career paths. By 1993, Hotherym and lead belcher, Schmitty Fuggelston, landed several type-cast roles as mercenary schoolteachers in major motion picture releases, such as the critically-acclaimed romance horror films "Quark," and "Incendiary Dreams".

    Hotherym currently resides in an Albuquerque closet, revisiting the glory days and enduring visions of a baffling futurepast with clinically significant fervor.
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    What would be your epitaph?:
    "You know what? I'm just going to fake the rooster. So f**k it, sing along!"
    Capricious 9w1
    I'm a self diagnosed ambulating multiple entendre.

    The way to my heart is through my sternum. The way to my mind is through a parapsychological gauntlet of quantum entanglement.

    I'm a casual atheist; impartial agnostic; practiced absurdist.

    My philosophy is constructed from ambivalent optimism and dysphemistic ideology. Life isn't always pretty, death isn't sightly—I believe the sobering reality can be exploited to benefit everyone.

    I'm that bump in the night you fear might be cancer so you keep poking it while worrying yourself into the worst insomnia you've ever experienced until you discover two weeks later after several biopsies that it was an ingrown hair.

    Absolving, resolving and dissolving, along with other various interstitial activities.