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Scopolamine a.k.a. "Devil's Breath": Colombian Drug Suspends 'Free Will'


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Apr 6, 2010
Here's a link to the complete article at CNN.

We had heard about a drug in Colombia that essentially eliminates free-will in humans. It is called scopolamine and it seemed to us to be so completely out there--like a plot device in an awful Jack Black movie. In fact, it sounded so horrible and strange that we wanted to go down and try it out.
We heard harrowing tales from victims and perpetrators alike, sat with prostitutes who calmly explained administering the drug to unsuspecting johns, and visited the home of a man who confessed in chilling detail to murdering someone who had dosed him with the drug. It was difficult to believe at times, but we spoke to countless law enforcement officials and medical professionals who verified all that we'd heard, and who also expressed their frustration and fear with what they saw as a growing problem.
After a week of chasing this story across the city, we were rattled. By the time we met up with our local contact, a dealer named Demencia, I had little to no interest in going through with the plan as conceived.

Yikes. Anyone know the origins of this drug or where it's in circulation? This is the first I'm hearing of this and frankly, it's disturbing. As if we don't have enough horrors in the world.
I watch both parts of the report and to be honest the drug doesn’t bother me very much. There are lots of drugs, chemicals, planets whatever that put you into a state where you can be taken advantage of. What disturbs me are the people using it –especially the very last guy they interviewed but all of them completely lacked any sense of respect for their fellow humans. Even if the drugs didn’t exist people like that are still extremely dangerous, the drugs just make committing crimes easier.
The dealer was called 'Demencia' it april fools day?

My first thought is that it could be the drug Doctor Jekyll takes which turns him into Mr Hyde!
It's used in motion sickness patches and pills. I believe IS had an OD experience of this at one point. In short any compound can be abused, welcome to the world not everyone eat rainbows and craps butterflies.
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It's used in motion sickness patches and pills. I believe IS had an OD of this at one point.

I did OD on this once, from said sea sick patches. I helped others put them on, and I failed to wash my hands after touching it. It absorbs into your skin and is extremely potent, not to mention I had a patch on myself, that I moved around because it itched (it attrubted to the medicine entering my system too much too fast, as it is meant to be time relased).

Even from this teeny amount, it was rather unplesent. My mouth was horribly dry and I could not quench thirst no matter what. Dry mouth is very unconfortable for me, and this was DRY. Things felt really "detached", and when we were out on the boat I saw a few things, including what looked to be a scubadiver swimming on the surface with these funny looking paddles. I remember this day, but its a very "loose" memory that is hard to describe.

People actually will use scopolamine as a recrational drug at times, but it is widely disliked because of the unconfortable physical effects. It is commonly taken from the datura flower, and is very easily od'ed on, which will result in death.
Yea couldn't remember if this was it. It sounded unusually familiar. Hope I didn't put you one the spot.
Yea couldn't remember if this was it. It sounded unusually familiar. Hope I didn't put you one the spot.

Nah ur fine. If I didn't want to talk about it, I would have ignored it :becky:.
That's not a decisive tool about 'free will' anyway, but people are still quite scared to realize how manipulated they already are. /i don't exclude myself; anybody/ Who really needs mechanic or organic mind manipulation, when there're so many more effective ways with culture. The efficiency should be measured by how elusive the method is.
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Scopolamine is similar a super-high dose of benadryl. The article doesn't say much, but I can say from experience that recreational doses of benadryl are NOT fun. People pretty much lose your ability to tell reality from delusion. People commonly feel spiders crawling in their skin, and have conversations with nonexistent people.

Anticholinergic drugs like benadryl and scopolamine are useful in small doses for nausea and allergies. But at high doses you pretty much become delusional, and not in a fun way. With many drugs you can tell yourself, "this is just a bad trip, I'll survive." With anticholinergics, you don't realize how impaired you are.
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With anticholinergics, you don't realize how impaired you are.
Yeah, and half the time you don't even realize you are impaired. I knew a guy who took datura, and three days later he woke up in a different town with no recollection of the weekend. Scary stuff to mess with.
That's super creepy...and seems highly potent. It looks like it could be easy to ingest without realizing it.

riven said:
It's actually a summary of a documentary that can be found here
(Note: Contains strong language, nudity, and disturbing content. Not a vid for minors)

Edit: Not sure if the link is allowed or not any Mods out there?

No, you're fine. :) You have enough posts - go ahead and post away. Besides, this is relevant & great info.
With the aid of Wiki...

Scopolamine, also known as levo-duboisine, and hyoscine...

Factual highlights:

  • Scopolamine has anticholinergic properties and has legitimate medical applications in very minute doses.

  • "The Use of Scopolamine in Criminology" by Robert E. House appeared in the Texas State Journal of Medicine in September, 1922 and was reprinted in The American Journal of Police Science, Vol. 2, No. 4, Jul. - Aug., 1931.[citation needed]

  • In recent years the criminal use of scopolamine has become epidemic in Colombia. Approximately one in five emergency room admissions for poisoning in Bogot
Sounds like a kind of oral hypnosis.