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  • hi! peace be with you. Just started a lenten discussion thread in our group for the next 40 days. God bless.
    Understood. :) And that's why we also have a "report" button near the bottom of icons, so you can officially report something and have it dealt with by all the mods (not just one or two). It's better to use the report button so we can all evaluate the situation.
    Again, I would recommend PM'ing him directly, and letting him know how you feel as well, but I will let him know about your concerns. :)
    Hey, I just got back from church not ten minutes ago, I'll be starting shortly look for a post in the group section.

    I'm ging to notfiy the others the others then we can begin. I do need to respond to a pretty important PM fist though. thanks for your paceince, it's saintly.
    Hey Rivan, welcome to the forum and thanks for joining Where Two or More Gather. I hope you enjoy your time hear
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