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Requiem for Billy

How is your life now that Billy left the forum

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Town Drunkard
Oct 30, 2009
Dude, you are an annoying SOB and can always be counted on to say something borderline stupid but, you are a big part of this little forum(s) and the place will not be the same without you.
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And one for ma homies...


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You do realize that by leaving that you concede that I was right in every argument we have ever had?

I'll take your silence as confirmation.

I hope you fair well in your future endeavors.
Did I miss something?
Billy chose to leave the forums, for his own personal reasons. :(
Yeah, me too. What did I miss?
Really? Eh, seems like everyone is leaving these day.
Best of luck to you Billy. I hope you find what you are looking for.
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May God rest his peace on you often Billy.
Bye Billy. I hope to see you back here one day.

Whatever you do though, be well and be happy xx
Happy trails, Billy. For what it's worth, I'd come to see you as one of the good guys.
I'll miss you Billy. Damnit.
WTF? Wow, this sucks.
It does suck. Billy is my brother from another mother, and I'm truly going to miss his input here very much.
How is your life now that Billy left?

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