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Nov 12, 2008
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I'm thinking this thread should be split into a pokemon thread.
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where did this come from? (which thread?)
Yay! Pokemon :) Such a good show or was. I watched an episode of it not that long ago and there are missing characters as well as new ones. Team Rocket aren't the only regular bad guys anymore and there are new pokemon I think :/ It's just not the same.
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Steelix! Ever since Viagra, they're not just rock hard snakes anymore.
That car is awesome. I used to love pok
Me too! That car is so fucking cute, it's disgustingly cute.

I must have it.
Ok, everybody pitch in and we might be able to afford it :D
The amount of money they must of made out of Pokemon, it's sickening! I remember spending so much money of those cards. You get the big boxes or those small little packs. Everyone wanted the shiny's. I remember falling into deep depression if I didn't get one.
I never bought pokemon cards but I remember having a ridiculously gigantic stack of them. I have no idea how they came to be in my possession. I'm definitely no stealer.
How do you get 1000 Pikachus into a bus?

You poke 'em on
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I used to be a pok
I take pride in my love of pokemon. I want an Ash hat...

That'd be so boss. Don't deny it.
Pokemon throws me back to my years as a first grader.

My Mudkip at Disney <3