have any of you been drawn to the monastic way of life?


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just wondering

After I make some money in order to support my father, I will enter a Buddhist monastery. This has been a life's wish.
Yep. I've spent a fair amount of time with monks and nuns in monasteries and abbeys.

After I make some money in order to support my father, I will enter a Buddhist monastery. This has been a life's wish.

your post brought tears to my eyes because your wish resonates so very closely with how i feel inside. i do not know how to voice it yet as my deepest yearning is so very bittersweet.

If your heart is pulling you to monastic life you should take that opportunity. Do you go to a Buddhist temple? Have to you talked to other monks/nuns or a Lama? Send me a PM and I can tell you what my plans are.
It's funny, I've always have wanted to receive advice and live a buddhist life. I'm currently reading some books about zen buddhism. Good luck to you my friends on that journey, whenever that may be.
I think about it every day. The more time I spend in the menial existence of society the more I come to loathe it. I was just not bred for people and that tedious modern living. A life of contemplation, introspection, and of the purest profundity seems so idyllic and perfect.
*shrug* I do.
It is not a meanial exsistence. It is simply something that us just very unappealing to some (myself included). Nevertheless, as Ketsugi said, this is not meanial, they do work hard.
Look I'm not saying anything against honest labor, just that in the grand scheme of things... nevermind this will just turn into yet another vexing debate derailing the OP which a lot of you seem to do instinctively.
Momentarily. Could I have an internet connection, pool table, all my mates round, prostitutes or tantric nuns each night, and a library? I'd be a monk then.
As surprising as it may seem, its something I consider seriously every so often. Something I'm considering now.I'm weighing my options. And nice that you put a Bhairavi and a random whore in the same sentence as if they are interchangeable. *frowns* Boo. No tantric nuns for you.
I've thought about it, but I don't think I would actually enjoy it.
Yeah I think about it all the time. When ever I decide to stop haveing serial relationships I will probably join.
I seriously have thought about it but I don't feel like sticking to the one way of life just yet. I'll live a customized life/belief system for a bit longer and then seriously think about it again and then might do a bit more customizing and so forth until one day I might just take action and drop the whole customizing thing and go, yes, this is how I want to live.
I am not surprised as you are an insensitive prick!
How dare thee! I demand satisfaction, sir! ::rips off white glove and draws sword::

For serious now. I am surprised. You've never mentioned this to me.. and we've spent many a night philosophizing over beers. What exactly inspires these thoughts?

Besides. Nobody who thinks about becoming a monk all the time decides to do so once they're done foolin' around.

So, you could be being a sarcastic bastard.
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